Five Suit Deck

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This page contains content on Abnohusk #3.
This Abnohusk belongs in the Peaceful safety category.
Five Suit Deck
Aliases: None
Classification Information
ID: #3
Safety Level: Peaceful
Location: Loturm cell 5N5E
Date of Discovery:
  • Unknown date of initial discovery
  • Discovery by Tumen on 2019-07-15

The Five Suit Deck (nicknamed Abnohusk #3) is a deck with 65 cards. The deck contains cards including 2-10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of the following suits: Hearts, spades, clubs, diamonds, and stars (five pointed). Appearance wise, while idle, the cards do not show anything abnormal beyond having a fifth deck.


This deck, while idle, appears to be a normal deck with 65 cards. The card background is white, with hearts and diamonds having red icons, spades and clubs having black icons, and stars having purple icons. They are completely clean, and appear to be in mint condition. The material used to make the cards is seemingly normal cardstock paper.

However, these cards appear to have a special connection with the holder. As seen in Log #1, the deck has some sort of telepathic ability, and the ability to change itself in any way that will deem non harmful to anyone. The deck will grant the holder certain requests, mostly for amusement and illusion purposes, but also appears to decide what it does not want to do, as if it is sentient.

Holding Description

The Five Suit Deck is held in a cell which seems to be somewhat decorated inside. On the edges of the cell, bookshelves filled with empty books, and some items such as one party hat and a set of face paint. In the middle of the room, a square short table with the deck of cards sitting on it. There are three small chairs surrounding three edges of the table, and the fourth edge is occupied by an adult sized chair. The table also has a set of crayons on it, closer to the smaller chairs. When Tumen discovered this cell, after trying to get a better understanding of the items in it, he concluded that the items either did not come from the same universe as the main SP universe, or that these items came from a different time. It is suspected that someone had found the Loturm dimension and specifically arranged the room in this way to give some kind of hint.

Research and Logs

Log #1

Conducted at 2019-07-16 at 00:52 GMT -5
Witnesses: M.O.G. and Tumen

M.O.G. attempted to hold the deck to examine the cards which he picked off the table.  While shuffling through the cards, he was very tired, and as so let his mind imagine that all the cards were an ace of spades. Surprisingly, as soon as he has thought that, the cards appeared to have all turned into ace of spades. Tumen was surprised, and asked if he could hold the cards. Upon delivery to Tumen, the cards all seemingly changed back to what they were prior.

M.O.G. explained to Tumen what he was thinking about during that moment, and Tumen wanted to try to use the cards as well. Tumen tried thinking of more radical ideas with the cards, and in a few seconds, the cards being shuffled in his hands turned green and slimy. Tumen was satisfied, as that is what he was thinking about while shuffling the cards. M.O.G., although finding this amusing, was concerned about the limitations or possible uses of this deck. He tried to handle the cards and make them turn to knives, but the cards refused. He also tried to consequently turn the cards to poison, bullets, and other harmful things, but eventually the cards got pulled out of his hands by an unknown force and put them back on the table. Tumen once again tried to make the deck turn into something else, and in a few moments, every card in the deck became a butterfly that swarmed the room, and fluidly turned back into a normal card once it hit the table.

From this first experiment, it was concluded that the cards have some kind of decision making mechanism, and are intended to stay away from possibly being used for harm. Instead, the deck favors entertainment or illusionary purposes.

Several other attempts to make the cards change included:
* Making all the cards invert colors (successful)
* Making all the cards turn into American $100 bills (successful)
* Making the cards turn into slates of platinum (successful)
* Making the cards turn into a map of SP (result was non comprehensible, cards moved around at hectic speeds and formed strange three dimensional structures)
* Making the cards turn into "happiness" (unsuccessful)
* M.O.G. trying to make the cards into the solution to his problems (cards spelled out "It's all in your head, keep moving") 
* Making the cards disappear (successful, cards disappeared until Tumen, the original holder, wanted them back)

M.O.G., as a second experiment, took the cards and tried thinking about what will happen in his future. The cards started to shake violently and as they flew out of his hands, slammed themselves back on the table. The deck refused to be picked up for the rest of the visit.

It appears to be that from this second experiment, the cards are not able to, or are not fond of telling the future.