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This page contains spoilers on Guppy's Quest revealing the following details: unlockable characters, secret stages and areas, secret bosses and endings, all of the plot.
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Guppy's Quest
Logo drawn by Rosemaryy
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Release Information
Series: SP Main
Genre: Adventure, Action, Platformer
Modes: Single Player, Multi Player
Platforms: Windows, Linux, OSX, Switch(TBA)
Release Date: TBA by 2022

Guppy's Quest is a 2D platform game in MGFlow58's SP series. The player gets to choose from a variety of characters with different abilities to play as while going through an altered SP past created by the main antagonist, Kosmotvar. Each stage has different environments or obstacles to overcome, and each character has their own unique moveset and abilities.

The game is aimed to release by 2022 on the Unity Engine (previously built on a Java engine) for Windows, Linux, OSX, and potentially planned for the Nintendo Switch. It has been in development from late 2013, started by Octopus58, and eventually in 2018 joined by Rosemaryy. Octopus58 currently works on the game plan, programming, and composing while Rosemaryy is also working on the game plan, and all art assets from previous SP character and stage designs.

The aim of the game is to make players feel a lot of choice and variety within a platformer. With multiple game modes, and many versatile characters, the game aims to feel different with every turn and corner, with every creature you play as, and with every secret you unlock. Development is currently tough, but efforts are being made to finish this game by 2022.


Guppy's Quest has multiple game modes, but ultimately you can play as any character you have unlocked. Every character is able to walk, run, jump, and have four character specific functions. These functions are usually referred to as side attack, up attack, down attack, and charge. These four character specific functions make the player feel more diversity between characters as the play style can change drastically.


Starting Roster

The game features many characters that are unlocked from the start.

Character Side Attack Up Attack Down Attack Charge/Special Super Extra Notes
Bever Spike arm jab Spike uppercut Change core: The core changes what kind of charge Bever will have Purple Core: Dash into the direction bever is facing
Green Core: Deliver a strong flaming green punch while standing
Blue Core: Roll into a spiky circle and keep rolling in the direction you're facing
White Core: Bever becoms invincible for a short period of time
Hands of Time: Bever uses the purple core to and then sticks his arms and legs through 4 holes in time and space. Then, these arms appear out of other big holes around him, much larger than his usual limb size, and stay there for a bit cutting the enemies around him. Then they retract Bever doesn’t flinch when hurt while green core is equipped
E15 Sword slash Sword turns into gun shape, spiky gems from sword shoot 3 times in air and reload back (one in left diagonal, right diagonal, and one in the middle) Launches herself down to the ground, blue, cold fire appears and attacks on both sides of her Shooting stars file all around Turns into black and white swirling spirits -
Evo Sword drags Evo across to destroy land enemies Spins in air with sword Sword jolted into the ground, making a big slam - - -
Feron - - Stomp with debris flying to side - - -
Fushy Zap Jab Fence: Create an electric vertical line that lasts a little long. It does continuous damage until it disappears. Large electric shield Zap: While holding a direction, Fushy instantly teleports if there is enough space in the direction he is headed. Does damage on contact - -
Geron Bear slap - Stomp - - -
Gontaper Jab Uppercut Bubble: Perma shield that while held, puts Gontaper in a circular bubble. Once released, the bubble pops and does damage only to those touching the surface of the bubble. Bubble also has physics, which means it can roll down slopes Quickdash - While holding a direction (eight directional), when the charge button is pressed, Gontaper dashes into that direction Hot water fountains stream from the ground constantly damaging enemies who touch it until they're gone -
Guppy Scratch Uppercut scratch Electric Shield: Hurts whoever touches it Aura dash: Has a very strong effect and good range while leaving behind green electric particles. Aurelic Resistor: Guppy emits a high voltage wave around him full of aura, causing all nearby enemies to take constant damage for a bit -
Lüm Uses star string like a whip to damage one enemy in front of him Shines lantern all around him Breaks lantern underneath him giving off light radiation, pulls out another one from behind him when he lands - Turns into Luminesce, a big angry spirit who slaps enemies around him -
M.O.G. Laser Slice: M.O.G. lunges forward and cuts through opponents with a strong and short laser in the shape of a sword coming from his arm Shoot bullets upward from arm Do a quick but strong flame from the bottom of M.O.G.'s boots, and if grounded, jump a little before performing Continuously shoot charged bullets out of arm that do little damage, but have a fast fire rate Fire a light blue laser that will be very big, horizontally from where M.O.G. is standing. Lasts for a bit and constantly hurts enemies while they are caught in the laser -
Moncita Slaps hands together making a big strong wind to damage Two scratches in air Ground slam (powerful punch toward the ground) Angry shriek: She yells so loud, sound waves cause damage - -
Psytork Punch with one flame Spurt purple flames from back upwards Green Flamethrower: Spurt green fire projectiles while the button is held. Do little damage but have rapid fire Roll around with fire surrounding him, deals damage to enemies that are in front of him. Can still be damaged in this state if an enemy doesn't flinch and gets through the flames Tetraburn: Psytork throws out three explosive balls of green fire that blow up after two seconds, causing massive damage -
Spguard - - - - Spguard's octosuit bursts open and reveals Fireman, who then raises his arms up and big fire asteroids storm down the screen -

Unlockable First Parties

Then there are first party characters you are able to unlock:

Character Side Attack Up Attack Down Attack Charge/Special Super Extra Notes
Alaper Short cat scratch Short cat scratch upwards Slide if on ground, scratch downwards with legs in air Pounce forward and scratch - While speedy, less focus on speed, more focus on jump power
Comex Punch Uppercut Slide if on ground, stomp if in air (until reaches ground) Throw an acorn that goes forward and then comes back, kind of like a boomerang - -
Corren Flame punch: Punch the enemy and leave them with a burn effect - - Demonball: Corren controls a ball that will explode and do massive damage if it crashes into an enemy, or after three seconds. - -
Gonkoshlex Fire scratch Shoot a pillar of fire upwards Set a fire bomb at current location that explodes after 3 seconds and does good damage Charge forward shooting fire projectiles from the back - -
Haleaf Extends forward arm/spike Spray two strong green projectiles up, with physics Stings with bottom spike Spins forwards while rotating horizontally, shooting projectiles out of his branches. Starts spinning around and shooting leaves out of his branches -
Kvarol Gust punch (with knockback) Tornado (with knockback) Quickly dash dealing damage Golden Rone: Kvarol summons his Golden Rone at a decent speed, after which it rolls in the direction it was initially sent Rone Party: Rones start dashing sideways through the screen, damaging anything they come into contact with. Ends off with Giga Rone -
Soverdat - - - Fire pierce charge - -
Yarehshi Moon hand: Shoot three bright beams of light out of Yareshi's hand. Beam Bomb: Yarehshi creates a bright white ball above her that explodes after a second Swirl on one foot while dealing contact damage Shoot a long, yellow laser beam that deals continuous damage until gone. Moon Smash: Brings a moon like shaped rock down from above and does massive damage -

Guest Characters

Guest Appearances
Guests: Star Dust:

3rd Party:

There are a few guest appearances in Guppy's Quest. All guests have to be unlocked first.

Character Side Attack Up Attack Down Attack Charge/Special Super Extra Notes
Captain Viridian (VVVVVV) Fire pacman looking enemy that keeps going forward and munching Send square projectile upwards Make spikes fall from both sides Gravity Flip: Flip your gravitational direction so you can walk on ceilings, and vice versa - -
Chubs - - - - - -
Climber (Nitrome) - - - - Start to make icicles fall from the sky for a certain amount of time. Each icicle does a considerable amount of damage -
Digby (Root and Digby) - - - - - -
Kid (I Wanna Be The Guy) Kick Uppercut - Shoot out of pistol - -
Kid (I Wanna Be The Guy) (Original Version) Kick Beam Up Slide kick Shoot out of pistol Apple storm: Summon a bunch of apples to fall from the sky This uses the original non resprited kid from IWBTG
McPixel (McPixel) Kick Punch up Leave bomb behind that explodes after 10 seconds but deals a large amount of damage. Can only spawn bombs every 10 seconds Pee - -
Pico (Newgrounds) Take out a fire extinguisher and spray it Shoot pistols in the air Roll burning oil can Use machine gun - -
Ranime (Monster Crowns) - - - - - -
Root (Root and Digby) - - - Bothersome Orange: Root throws a bothersome orange in the direction she is facing - -
Salad Fingers (Salad Fingers) - - - - Salad Fingers begins pretending to crank a music box with his hand while his mouth is open, summoning a large aura around him that slowly gets bigger and continuously does damage -
Shady Kick Uppercut Fart (wafts to either side) Shady Kick Lightning in the Sky: Bolt of lightning crashes down from above. Point of impact has a large area of effect -
Starter Shoot facing starters direction Shoot upwards Shoot downwards if in air Slide if grounded, air dash if in air Squish Squish
Tim (Fist of Awesome) Punch Uppercut - - - -
Woodle Tree (Woodle Tree) - - - Leaf spin Cause one, strong and tall tree to pop up where he is standing -
Zee Tee (Eversion) - Grow black arm out of back that has long vertical range - - Black arms come from the top and bottom of the screen and start harming any enemies they touch -

Secret Characters

Some characters can be unlocked as easter eggs. Spoilers below!

Character Side Attack Up Attack Down Attack Charge/Special Super Extra Notes
CapeGuppy - - - - - This is one of the beta sprites of Guppy from the Java version of Guppy's Quest, before he was resprited by Rosemaryy
- - - - - - -


Story Mode

Story mode can be played with up to four players. After selecting a character, you are brought to the world map where you can play currently unlocked stages. Every stage has at least one boss, and usually a linked "sub" stage respectively. Sub stages are stages that, unlike main stages, have to be unlocked with some special requirement, most of the time being from the main stage itself.

Beating all the main stages and their bosses will give you a different ending opposed to beating all the main and sub stages. However, the third ending is unlocked with more requirements. Collectibles throughout the stages (mostly Time Shards) allow you to buy things in the store.


Once the true final ending is finished, the stadium mode can be purchased from the store where you can you can fight all the final bosses in the game with this boss rush mode. In Easy mode, you fight all the bosses as you've seen them, in Hard mode you fight the same bosses but slightly harder with different skins, and in Insane mode the bosses are buffed even further with a surprise towards the end.


Pages are another collectible in the game. Every unlocked page goes into the Lorebook, where you can view all your other pages. They contain information on a specific topic that you can read, but they serve no fundamental purpose in the game other than finding out more knowledge of the lore.


The jukebox is a mode that can be bought and unlocked from the store. It's a simple mode that allows you to listen to different tracks from the game.


The store allows you to buy things with Time Shards. These items include:

  • Cheats
  • Jukebox Mode
  • Keys (to unlock certain locked areas in other stages)
  • Stadium mode

and certain secret items/characters.


The game takes place shortly after the P.O.D. Invasion begins. At this time, M.O.G. was facing a lot of difficulty with problems on his planet, Earth. The negativity and pressure of being around certain people was getting too great to bear, so he isolated himself from those who hurt him. However, the hurtful thoughts of what they have done would still linger, causing him to physically manifest his thoughts and cast them out into space, so he could fight them as one. This soulless, angry, negative energy that was cast out was manifested into an entity called Kosmotvar, as the feelings were so powerful and draining they dragged local matter from the far reaches of space to become a hideous, large beast with no soul or life. Since this entity had nothing to do with SP, and had no part in it, Kosmotvar could not pass through the barrier to get into SP. However, he started to orbit near the area of SP, and near Cloud. At this point of time, Cloud was weakened due to him still having a big weakness to draining negative emotions, and Kosmotvar planned to breach into his core to create more powerful enemies that can pass the barrier to cause distress in SP. Knowing that he was responsible, M.O.G. fought him and destroyed him. However, even though everything seemed like it was done with, a concerning discovery was made.

Kosmotvar's hate was so powerful, he manifested himself into an alternate past, where he exploited the cloud to create a disfigured, alternate SP world, with creatures from the past and creatures that would have been in the future (using the core of Cloud from the past when it was weaker). That way, he was also able to clone himself into seven instances and spread out in that alternate past. The most powerful instance he has made, is Chronotvar

Chronotvar (the sixth and seventh instance of Kosmotvar) remained in the present to fight M.O.G. once more, but could not be defeated as he has also simultaneously placed himself in the alternate past. Since the alternate past instance was still active, M.O.G. needed help to banish it so that the source of vitality of the instance in the present can be diminished. Guppy time traveled into the alternate past to seek out and defeat Chronotvar (I), M.O.G. remained in the present to fight Chronotvar (II), and Gontaper used his abilities to guide both of them through time, essentially determining the future of the present SP.

The game's story takes a look at everything from Guppy's perspective. Since he was sent to the alternate past, every familiar area was disfigured and not how he remembered it, but the locations of all the areas stayed the same. All the areas would be filled with enemies that Chronotvar (I) placed as obstacles, and would actively be cloned from various creatures from different periods of time. Once Guppy would knock an enemy out, it would be sent back to the time it came from, but with new memories to remember. Boss enemies, before leaving, would guide Guppy on what he should do next before vanishing with their memories flooding to their present selves.

Guppy must go through all the areas to fight Chronotvar (I) in the alternate past, defeat him, and allow the battle in the present to be won. However, achieving certain requirements in the game would allow you to fight Gavnell (II) as a true final boss after Chronotvar (I)


Development ideas started as early as 2013, but the game has actually started development in 2014.

Beginning of Java Phase (2014)

Guppy's Quest Java version, as it looked like in Beta004, 2014-11-08

The game started out with no intentions of being a full game, but rather a tutorial to be followed on how to make a simple Java game. However, after seeing some potential in the built program, main developer Octopus58 decided to attempt to make it into a full game. At first, the biggest difficulties were spriting characters and backgrounds. Music also sounded harsh, and at the time was over 0 dB in balancing. As seen in the Beta004 screenshot, Guppy appears to be very jagged, and Squared Palace (at the time, water temple) had no background/foreground contrast at all, making it a pain to look at.

Guppy's Quest Java version, as it looked like in Beta020, 2014-11-16

Through early criticism by close friends, especially Ryan McKay, the game slowly started to get better contrast in graphics, however, there were still many issues. Issues that would be considered to be resolved were the following:

  • Guppy looked very stiff. His animations were very choppy, ragged and sudden, and movement didn't look natural whatsoever.
  • The music was still very ear grating, loud, and not balanced. Looping points were also poor
  • The structure of the boss, and future bosses, were all the same from the template boss created in the tutorial. This provided for not much variety between boss fights as even though some parameters would be different, most of the things would feel the same
  • The enemies were all more or less similar to the template enemies provided in the tutorial, not much variety
  • There were limited options, and no story was explained in any way, leaving the player confused in what was going on.
  • Controls were highly uncomfortable for others to use
Guppy's Quest Java Squared Palace boss, as it looked like in Beta020, 2014-11-16

The controls throughout the whole Java phase, by default, were arrow keys to move (and up to aim for certain attacks), R for a short range side attack, F for a charge/special move (later seen in final java phase), E to run (while being held), and W to jump. Later, an option would be added to change to arrow key movement controls.

Continuation of Java Phase (2014-2017)

A lot of improvements were made over the years, however, it was a very slow process.

First, more characters have began to be added, mainly Gontaper. This came along with slight sprite updates for Guppy as well. A better functioning menu was added with a character select, which eventually also allowed you to pick alternate skins for your characters by pressing the space button to cycle through 8 additional skins. With more characters also came guest characters such as Captain Viridian, Pico, McPixel, and more.

Using a lot of feedback from Ryan McKay, the levels got more improvements in terms of design, and fluidity. Obstacles were attempted to be made more interesting and less bland, but issues still persisted in levels such as sunset hill, where platforming was not difficult but somewhat annoying, with areas such as a rising hill with enemies on it.

Music improved with slightly more balancing but still had some issues. It utilized more instruments, and some different rhythms compared to previous versions of songs, and had improved looping points. However there was not much else besides that.

Enemies were a bit more diverse as well, doing more specific movements, but all were still essentially based on three basic enemy types. Moving sideways, moving in the air, and jumping from the ground while shooting. The more "varied" enemies were mixes of the three to some degree.

The Java phase had to come to a conclusion on Beta386 (385 was last major Beta, 386 removed some temporarily restricted assets) for multiple reasons.

Unity Phase (2018-Present)

After a lengthy pause in development (a few months), experimentation has began to remake the games engine in Unity. A lot of time was used up to figure out Unity basics for 2D, but after a few months some public developments have been coming out. The first beta that was released on Steam was known as Beta400.

With the new phase, a lot of changes have started to take effect. Almost the whole game got renovated, which is why little to almost none of the existing assets were reused. Guppy's Quest got a new artist, Rosemaryy, that started to redraw all tiles and sprites in her own artistic style. The main difference was the quality of the animations were much better than the previous ones, and the tiles have gotten more shading, details, and so on.

The music has also been completely reworked, starting from the track "The Depths". The music was being made in no particular order, and is to this day organized simply by composure date in the official soundtrack. Like with the art, the soundtrack was reworked purely for an update in quality. The instruments used, the styles, and other smaller factors all changed to create an overall better and more fitting soundtrack. One of the new key things about the soundtrack is that the styles of each song were made to fit their level specifically, and not just all "video game" or chip-tune style. For example, the Secret Aquarium stage uses an Italodance/Italodisco style track, while an area like Zelosian Depths uses a more calming, ambient track.

The gameplay has been heavily altered to fit the lore more. The game, while used to take place in the Corruption Crisis, now took place in the Kosmotvar Crisis to fit more possibility to the game and have it up to date with more recent SP events. The main antagonist changed from Corren to Kosmotvar (or more specifically, Chronotvar), which is a character Guppy actually had to fight in SP history, making the gameplay more relevant. The stages were also rearranged in the order of the location on the map, going down and clockwise around Hex City starting from Squared Palace.


The music in the game is composed by Octopus58. The style is aimed to be different from song to song to create a certain feel for the area

Track Number Song Name Area
01 The Depths Zelosian Depths
N01 The Depths Zelosian Depths (Night)
02 Where the Sun is Always Shining Sunset Hill
N02 Where the Sun is Always Shining Sunset Hill (Night)
03 Reality Generator Krovairus Boss
N03 Reality Generator Krovairus Boss (Night)
04 Bird Brains Alpha Boss
N04 Bird Brains Alpha Boss (Night)
05 Watching Clouds Nebess Peak
N05 Watching Clouds Nebess Peak (Night)
06 Green Tides Squared Palace
N06 Green Tides Squared Palace (Night)
07 Snegopad Ice Corridor
N07 Snegopad Ice Corridor (Night)
08 Boundless Secret Aquarium
N08 Boundless Secret Aquarium (Night)
09 Petal Breeze Flower Bed
N09 Petal Breeze Flower Bed (Night)
10 Windy Flowers Moist Jungle
N10 Windy Flowers Moist Jungle (Night)

External Links

  • MGFlow58 Site: [1]


  • The game was originally called Guppy's Adventure
  • Guppy's Quest was not supposed to be anything but a mere test of Octopus58's knowledge in Java. The sprite was very badly made and broken in the beginning, and the basic structure was learnt from Java graphics2d game tutorials.
  • Guppy's Quest 2 for MEOS was made as an April fools joke in 2019. The game itself is an illegitimate sequel to Guppy's Quest, as Guppy's Quest will most likely not have a sequel due to the fact that Guppy himself is not the only main character in SP.