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Created By: Octopus58




Population: 0
Date Created: April 2021

The Hazelands Island is located 9.5 kilometers off the south shore of Hex City in the Zelosian Ocean. It is a unique island that is shrouded in a thin layer of mist year round, thin enough to allow an inhabitant to see blue sky. It is home to different rare plants and elements such as Tuma Tree, Componite, Tuda Mushroom, Zolist Bush and Vremium.

Physical Geography

This island is approximately 200 meters tall, 330 meters long, and 200 meters wide. From the top, it looks as if it has three long tails that drag into the ocean. Most of the island has an incline towards the top, with some relatively small flats. Inside the condensed componite walls of Hazelands is an underground network of caves. A lot of these caves contain traces of Vremium, with the deeper layers containing much larger amounts, potentially covering all the surfaces. This makes it very easy to get lost due to unexpected fluctuations of the unpredictable element. At the deepest point of the cave, the timestep decreases while the space converges into a mirror like appearance, until the timestep is 0 at contact. Tangibility with this point of the cave is unpredictable and inconsistent.



The island is vast with grass that appears bluer in hue. Multiple plants grow on this island, among them the Tuma Tree. This tree grows fragrant fruit that emit a smell similar to lavender, but taste like bananas and vanilla. The Tuda Mushroom is another plant that grows on this island, and it has a luminescent stem. It is said to have strange guiding properties, but can be eaten as well, tasting like fried beef salami. Zolist Bush is abundant as well, and they grow citrus tasting glowing berries, as well as releasing fresh linen scent from the leaves of the bush.


  • The island was discovered by the Guo Gang on April 27th, 2021.