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SP Name: KaRoV / krv
Biographical Information
Marital Status: Single
Date of Birth: 2016
Place of Birth: Zelosian Ocean
Place of Residence: Guo Ark
Physical Description
Species: Karoo
Gender: Male
Height: 120 cm
Weight: Heavy
Eye Color: Black
Other Colors: Red body

Karov is a co captain and forager of the Guo Gang. He is red and stubby. He has no permanent home as he lives on the Guo Ark with his fellow crew, and sets up camp in remote locations around the world. Karov often likes to pull a signature grin on his face showing all of his teeth, and he is often very happy and eager to share his excitement with everyone. He also loves to assist his brother in battle.



Karov is a somewhat square creature who has two big horns sticking out of his head. He has two arms and two legs, as well as heavy duty teeth. His mouth, nose and eyes send all senses to the heart. Even though he does not have ears, he can still hear with psychic abilities. Like any other creature in SP, his heart makes him immortal and he can also morph into anything he wants, however the default shape is the one he is seen in 99% of the time.


Like any creature in SP, Karov has the option to use any ability or power. However, as a preference, he likes using grass and storm magic. When fighting, his attacks often flourish the nature around him.

Some notable attacks are:

  • Hay Balance: Karov summons a big roll of hay and rolls towards the opponent, squishing them and then setting the hay on fire.
  • Bone Blade: Karov summons a huge sword made of bone and wrapped in vines, that does a lot of sharp and blunt damage.
  • Great Chase: Vines start popping out of the ground followed by a harsh storm, and they follow the opponent catching them and striking them with thorns and lightning.
  • Jungle Tornado: Karov summons a huge tornado that's made up of spikey vines and leaves, cutting up the opponents that get caught.


Karov has many different forms that each have a specific role to execute a certain action.

  • Super: Skin turns very light cream colored, all abilities buffed
  • Super 2: Skin turns golden colored, all abilities buffed even further
  • Super 3: Body starts glowing, Karov becomes intangible with even further buffed abilities
  • Super Pure: Karov turns into a small instance of red shining light about half a meter in diameter. Collision with this very bright ball causes massive damage, nearly infinite.


Karov is a forager for the Guo Gang. He gathers different ingredients for cooking later.


None at the moment


  • Karov loves eating bread, especially when it's freshly baked.