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  • Space Jail
Located in:
  • Near SP in space
Created By: Octopus58
  • Main structure: Empty
  • Dimension: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Date Created: 2017

Loturm is a unique location, as it has both a reference point in the main dimension, and an entrance to its own dimension. The main building is floating in space, and is made of concrete and metal. It is known to appear after a dream M.O.G. had, except it was completely empty. This location was first mostly known for the battles with one of the instances of Kosmotvar

Physical Geography

Loturm has a structure in the same dimension as SP, but it also has an entrance to it's own dimension with a much deeper, complex infinite structure.

Main Dimension

Loturm has an entrance with several layers of metallic doors. Inside, there is a large rectangular space with a concrete floor. There are two floors, and on each side of the rectangular space there are some empty cells with glass windows (no bars), which appear to have a lot of plastic waste in them; specifically empty plastic water bottles. The light coming into the cells looks like it is sunlight, but there is no sun facing the roof, and instead just a projection or material that appears it to be that way. The roof of the building in general is also concrete, but has a lot of glass tubes with lava flowing through them for insulation. This lava never seems to cool down. Directly opposite of the entrance is a large series of doors, that on the other end has a projection of the Loturm dimension. This is the only current known gateway to the dimension. Entering on the floor above, however, leads to a 500 meter long tower with an elevator in the middle, and a space observatory at the very top floor.

Loturm Dimension

Aside from the entrance to this dimension through the main dimension, this dimension is infinite, and has no known other exit. It is compromised of the same cells going on forever in a grid like pattern, except some of those cells contain Abnohusks. Some areas in this dimension have been found to have stairs leading up and down floors, other areas contain cells that are structured differently, but in general most cells are empty. It is believed that somehow, Abnohusks have been found and contained in some of the cells, but no one knows who has done so, and why, but speculations are they are kept there for research and safety.

This dimension appears to not be stable with time and space. Some of the items found in this dimension have a time signature that confuses creatures that are able to detect it. It is possible to see and interact with past events in this dimension, but under rare circumstances.



In the main dimension, there are no creatures living in the space. In the Loturm dimension, it is unknown how many creatures live in the cells, but it is also speculated to be none, as the Abnohusks are the currently found contained subjects, and most are considered to be Husks, which are lifeless objects.


Plant life has been found growing from some of the water bottles in the empty cells, however they all appear to be basic Earth plants such as grass, weeds, and vines. The sun appears to let them grow easier.

Holding of Abnohusks in the Loturm Dimension

When the Loturm dimension was discovered, it was unknown of how many Abnohusks exist in the dimension, and how they got there. Certain Abnohusks have been placed in extra secure cells however, so it has been assumed that those were very feared by the ones who put them in those cells.

The glass in the cells has a special functionality, as running a current through it can make the glass see through only from the outside, but mirrored from the inside. The structure of this glass has also been confirmed to be very strong, and impermeable to brute force.

Every cell has a certain description of the Abnohusk, and a name. At the side of the name, there is also a level classification of how dangerous the Abnohusk is:

  • Peaceful: Very Safe, doesn't require any special attention. Behavior is predictable and no harm can be done by the subject.
  • Safe: Safe, although it can be unpredictable, the subject doesn't show any potential to cause harm.
  • Unknown: Unpredictable, shows potential to cause harm, but is easy to contain.
  • Dangerous: Unpredictable but also shows intent to cause harm. Dangerous if released outside of containment.
  • High Risk: Very unpredictable, and has very dangerous abilities. Catastrophic if released outside of Loturm dimension.


Tumen is the current guardian of Loturm. His responsibility is to make sure that nothing escapes the jail. Although he did not create the jail, nor was he around when the jail was discovered, he was made with the help from the core that Turmo Kosmotvar released upon defeat.