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The Master Sync is an effect currently observed between SP Creatures and Human born entities. This effect causes the creatures to have a synchronized hive mind like state with their human creator due to them having more visionary abilities. This effect exists everywhere outside the bounds of SP with the exception of entities composed of SP material.


SP Creatures have an unlimited memory, and are not capable of forgetting. Their recollection of memories is also instant due to that matter, as thoughts aren't iterated, but are all cached in a partition of the SP Heart. Everything the creatures see instantly gets placed into their memories, which they can convey to others at any point.

Their memory is never used to its full extent however, as when they are outside the land of SP or not observing SP material, they are not able to see what their human creator cannot, as they aren't fully present on Earth. In the same way that a human with SP powers cannot fully be in SP, the creatures suffer a similar disadvantage for Earth, and are only able to obtain information from the five senses of the human.


When a creature is out of sync, it fails to help the human of what they can't sense. This can put the human in danger, or in other cases the human misses out on an opportunity to experience something positive. These cases include finding shorter routes to a destination, finding material in places that can't be seen beforehand (like underground mining), and so on.


Finding a proper way to defy the negative effects of the master sync is both dangerous and important. Going out of sync with M.O.G., the human creator of all SP Creatures, would mean that the creature can get lost for a while and have no connection to the human. This is unlikely to happen however. On the other hand, if a way to avoid abiding by the sync is discovered, this would be a step closer to the ultimate current goal of SP; that is to allow creatures to go back and forth between any destination in reality/beyond and the land SP. The only other issue preventing this goal being achieved is the Partial Displacement issue, not allowing the humans to be in SP fully in space, and vice versa.