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Matthew Favson
Aliases: Matt, Matty
Biographical Information
Marital Status: Married to Aria
Date of Birth: Year 10 000 (MV Timeline)
Place of Birth: Mignia
Place of Residence: {{{RES}}}
Physical Description
Species: Kewtian
Gender: Male
Height: 4m (Normal Kewtian size)
Note: Size can change at will. No maximum size.
Weight: 10 tons
Note: Weight depends on size.
Eye Color: Blue (26307c)
Note: Eyes can change color & glow at will, or with mood
Other Colors:
  • Hair: Yellow (f9e15e)
  • Skin: Tan (fed3a6)
  • Shirt: Teal (76e0b2)
  • Watch: Orange (efa53a)
  • Pants: Blue (424f9f)
  • Shoes: Green (a3e077)

Matthew Favson is a Kewtian, one of the strongest Kewtian Gods, and one of the creators of Kewtia. He lives in Kewtia along with the other Kewtians.

Matt is known for being very friendly in general, and isn't hostile to anyone unless they're a threat. He also loves fighting.

However, Matt can be impatient and overconfident as well, which leads him to sometimes make mistakes. He gets a little bit better at suppressing his flaws later on in his life, though.



Matt is a tall, blonde Kewtian. He has blue eyes, a big round head, and somewhat short legs in proportion to his body. He's also fairly muscular, and has thick arms with wide shoulders.

In his usual clothing, Matt wears a teal shirt, blue pants, and a red hat. He also wears an orange watch on his right arm.

Like other Kewtians, Matt also has very different biology from humans. Because of this, he lacks most organs and he has no skeleton. Matt's stomach is also an infinite void, which is where anything he swallows will go. However, he also has no need for food, water, or air.

Matt's hair and skin is also soft and completely smooth. Although he can harden his skin at will, which is useful for physical attacks.


Matt has the common Kewtian traits and abilities, which includes super strength and speed, an indestructible body, the ability to grow more powerful as he fights, and more. As a Kewtian, he's also immune to temperatures, diseases, poison, and viruses. He also has no need for food, water, or air. In addition to this, he also doesn't age, making Matt immortal.

Seeing as Matt fights often and loves training, his powers are also in constant growth and don't deteriorate. Because of this, Matt has also become very powerful over time. Although in Matt's case, he is especially skilled at size manipulation, and using his physical strength. Other than that, he's most known for his power over electricity and light.

However, as a Kewtian God, Matt's power is also massively boosted, and he has gained additional abilities. Such as reality manipulation, giving him the ability to create, delete, and change almost anything. He can also do this on a massive scale, allowing him to make new worlds, universes, multiverses, dimensions, or whole realities. He can also make new planes of existence in the Mattyverse, as seen with Kewtia. Some of Matt's abilities also have their limit broken, like his size manipulation powers not being limited by his overall power level anymore. As such, Matt can be 4 meters tall, to billions of light-years tall, or beyond.
Matt is also one of the most powerful Kewtian Gods, making him above even the other gods.

As a Kewtian, Matt is vulnerable to the MV-specific Chaos element. Though, another side effect of being a Kewtian God is that Chaos is the only thing that can seriously hurt Matt, making him invulnerable against any other form of damage.


As a Kewtian and a Kewtian God, Matt has access to many forms, along with his normal form. The most common/notable ones are listed.

Kewtian God

Matt wears a shining armor on top of his standard outfit. The armor is stylized with an Artifact symbol on it's chest plate, and the armor itself is made of Kewtium. This form is virtually the same as Matt's normal form, mainly due to how Matt himself is more durable than the armor he's wearing. As a result, it usually just offers a little bit of additional protection, so Matt mostly just uses this form as a serious/fancy attire and not out of necessity. However, an exception to this (and a situation where this form is very useful), is when Matt fights very powerful Chaos beings, such as Great Evils or Ultimate Evils. In this case, since Chaos is very harmful to Matt, it helps protect him against his biggest weakness and can make a big difference.


Matt creates a weaker avatar version of himself. He can choose what level of power this avatar is, and it follows the same rules as if it was the real Matt; the only difference being that the avatar is restricted to a lower level of power. This form is accessed by Matt simply creating a copy of himself, and doing so allows him to use all the power that his avatar contains without having to hold back. This form is usually used to battle opponents weaker than himself, in order to make it a fair fight. The real Matt can also appear beside his avatar body, as well as make multiple avatars, although he usually doesn't. He can also return to his normal form at any time.

Cloaked Kewtian

Matt turns into a cloaked, limbless figure with a dark hood, similar to the The Cloaked Shadows. In this form, Matt moves things exclusively with his special powers and always levitates. Matt also uses a different fighting style in this form, although it doesn't really suit his preference toward physical attacks. This form is mostly just used if Matt wants to disguise himself.

Masked Kewtian

Matt turns into a cloaked, limbless figure with a mask, similar to the The Masked Shadows. Acts similar to his Cloaked Kewtian form.

Connection to SP

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  • Matt is one of the four protagonists in TLoTA.


  • Matt's watch is orange, in order to match with Aria's shirt color. As such, hers is also teal to match Matt.