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Matthew Favson with a liquified face
Release Information
Series: Mattyverse
Type: Joke
Platforms: MEOS
Release Date: 2018

Matty.exe is a small joke application that shows a spinning head of Matthew Favson, which switches between four different looks; normal smile, angry warped, happy warped, and normal smile with crown. The application lets you move his face around with arrow keys, and keeps track of how much times you have opened it all the while playing a poorly performed version of the "The Legend of The Artifact" theme.


This joke was mainly made for fun, and isn't a main feature of the game. It was made more personally for Felixblobdev as one of the people who was interested in the project early on. Matthew Favson is his favorite character, hence he was the focus of this joke application, alongside other easter eggs in the game that were catered towards him.

The four faces that Matt displays were made a long time before the actual joke app was made, and they came about around the time that Felixblobdev was joking around with his own 3D model renders of the character. He often used the different faces for things like emoticons or small edits, which is why they were the primary focus of this app.

Later on when the game was being made ready for Steam, Matty.exe has gained its own achievement as one of the test achievements for opening it 100 times. It was mostly used for test purposes, but was kept in for the fun of it.


This game features one track that is intentionally poorly performed by Octopus58, but the original song itself was made by Michael Becze.

Track Number Song Name Location Preview
01 TLoTA Theme (Marimba performance) Application OST


  • This was one of the first applications developed for MEOS, and finished before the Prompt was.
Matty.exe as of MEOS version 0.0.14