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Origin: Flower Bed
Rarity: Rare
Created By: M.O.G.

Plantavians are a species native to SP. They are comprised of very simple looking creatures that usually only have a head, wings, two eyes and a mouth. They mostly inhabit the Flower Bed and are well known for being able to grow plant fiber out of their body to create intricate armor or appearances.



Plantavians are usually smooth, matte, spherical creatures that come in many different colors. They have a large mouth with very sharp teeth, and two small eyes on the sides of their head.


Plantavians use many of their preferred abilities for mobility, attack, and defense. For those that have wings, they fly around to move, while the ones without bounce or roll around. It is also common for Plantavians to grow plant fiber limbs in the shape of vines, thorns, and more to move around.


Plantavians are very well known for their various forms. Every member of the species has their own creative visions for different looks and appearances that can be used for various situations. A lot also can transform parts of their plant fiber into different materials, such as wood, stone, metal, etc.


A lot of Plantavians are known for very good engineers. Their creative nature allows them to participate in building and blueprinting different buildings, weapons, armor, furniture, and more.