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Origin: Sunset Hill
Rarity: Rare
Created By: M.O.G.

Rones are a species native to SP. They are very simple and spherical, but have a visor like cut out with two eyes. There are not a lot of them out there. They mostly inhabit the Sunset Hill and V2A region and are well known for playing around with other creatures.



Rones come in different roughness, ranging from smooth, to rocky, to chalky, to metallic. Their outer shell temperature also varies, but is usually cold (with the exception of the lava Rone). Colors vary on their subtype, depending on what they prefer most:

  • Dark Green Rones have a dark green, rocky shell with an orange inner face and glowing yellow eyes.
  • Giga Rones have mustard colored, harsh and rocky shells with a yellow inner face and dark purple eyes.
  • Golden Rones have a metallic gold, smooth shell with a slightly yellower metallic inner face and glowing yellow eyes.
  • Green Rones have a light green rocky shell with a grey-green inner face and dark green eyes.
  • Lava Rones have a nearly molten rocky red shell with a slightly orange inner face and yellow eyes.
  • Leap Rones have a light pink rocky shell with an even brighter inner face and bright blue eyes.
  • Sunset Rones are simply grey, rocky, with black eyes and a darker inner face.
  • Volt Rones have a rocky yellow shell with a grey-blue inner face and blue eyes

There are some other Rones that are very unique in features that can't be easily described in a list.


Rones mostly use magic based on their preferences like most SP creatures. However they love to roll into things the most, and the stronger and faster the better. They also love to fall on top of their opponents at extremely high velocities.


Rones don't often morph into other forms, but they can stack up together to create a multi-creature controlled figure.


Most Rones are not occupied and just enjoy their lives rolling around hills and viewing landscapes. However sunset and giga Rones tend to enjoy mining. To do this they don't grow limbs, rather they bash their hard shells against fragile rock to smash it. Some Rones also love to whistle.