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Aliases: Special Place
Located in: In the same universe as Earth
Created By: M.O.G.
Inhabitants: All of the SP creatures
Guardians: Seven Servers
Population: Over 120 Creatures
Date Created: 2005

SP is the land created by M.O.G. in 2005, which is meant to have boundless properties and possibilities. It was made to be the home of all his creatures, and a happy place to reside in during any time of the day. It's relative location to Earth is still unknown, as SP has an entrance somewhere in that universe on an unknown planet.

Physical Characteristics

SP is in the same universe as Earth (with the exception of parallel universes such as SP-5 and SP-8), with an entrance on a small planet with an unknown location. On the outside, the entrances (including the planet) can assume any shape, but the land of SP itself is prosperous and infinite in all directions. Time in SP started and goes by the same rate that time does for the rest of the universe, so spending five minutes on SP is the same as spending five minutes on Earth.

SP has no proper three dimensional representation, as the space has no bounds. It can wrap around itself, extend continuously in multiple directions, and also have infinity within itself.

To exit SP, one must teleport out, or use an existing exit to a certain external location. Some creatures that mastered Portal Magic can exit from SP to any location, universe, or dimension by creating temporary portals themselves.

Physical Geography

SP has multiple biomes and locations stretching all over far and wide. There are eight main sectors:

To the north, there are mountains; close to the center there are also many volcanoes and lava lakes. To the north east, there are the Galubian Icelands. The region contain a lot of icebergs, ice caps, and snow areas; it also contains the Galubian Ocean. The east is simply known as the spawn, which is an area that varies from plains to other kinds of biomes further east. Although the generally accepted center of SP is considered to be Hex City, the actual center is in the plains region, slightly to the east of the city. The south east is the forest region, populated with different kinds of forests including the Infinite Forest, Tzveta Fields, and more. The south is the Zelosian Ocean, with a beach close to the center, and an ocean full of islands and far off lands down below. Waters in the area are considered to be warmer than the ones in the Galubian Icelands. The south west is the fields region, which not only contains various biomes further down the direction, but also houses different structures and areas such as Squared Palace and Sunset Hill. To the west is the jungle region, which is very varied in terms of biomes as well. It is home to Moist Jungle, Flower Bed, and the Plantavians. Finally, the north west is the desert region. It is very ideal for building but also has one of the most important historical sites in SP, the Time Hole.

Aside from regions, SP also has different forms in other realms or dimensions. The Fluorescent Dimension allows SP to be viewed in a very strange monochrome, high contrast black and green visual. The space below SP is considered to be the Void. It is impossible to reach using normal means, as it is a space infinitely below the ground level. This is where The Infinity Tree lives, but otherwise has no inhabitants.

Although SP itself is not characterized on how the planet looks from the outside, there are a few locations and objects near SP in space. The remnants of the Unknown Entity float above the planet, and inside the remnants is an infinite space of its own. The Kisminaft space base floats in between SP and the entity, and the space prison Loturm to the side of both, creating a triangle shape.



The Creatures that live in SP are mostly native to the land. With a few exceptions (guests who have residency), all the creatures have an SP Heart. Even though all the creatures can live in any biome or region, they all have preferences based on their phenotypical traits or their personalities. As an example, aqueous creatures such as Bever live in the Zelosian Ocean region, as their skin feels nicer in more humid warm air.


The plants in SP were procedurally generated as new areas were discovered. None of the plants are conscious, and are often grown for either decoration and foliage, or food. The food providing plants in SP can usually be harvested without taking the roots out, with the exception of some plants like carrots or potatoes.