Seven Chronos

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Seven Chronos
Founded: 2017
Leader: Babko

The Seven Chronos are a powerful moderative group that watches and remedies any time related issues that occur in SP. Each of its members came from a combination of the remains from Kosmotvar's instances, and the rest of the power and the whole appearance came from M.O.G. Although all SP creatures have synchronized powers and abilities, the Seven Chronos are said to have some strange additive power fluctuations due to the fact they were partially created from an alien power source.

In times of hard crisis, all the members of this group can fuse together temporarily to become a large manifestation of energy called Kosmozol. This entity is said to be very powerful, with energy highly surpassing that of any Kosmotvar instance.


Before Grouping

Every time an instance of Kosmotvar was defeated in the Kosmotvar Crisis, he'd drop behind an essence of pure energy cleansed of hate and negative emotion. This essence would be taken to the Hex City lab, where the Seven Servers would try to create a new creature from it. With the help of M.O.G. seven new creatures were created, with Babko being the first, Emhav being second last created from Chronotvar I and Mihav last from Chronotvar II. Each creature had a specific significance related to the Kosmotvar events. Babko was aligned with space, Tumen with cage, Shadom with red (Krasno), Tzarus with virus, Sonsh with dream, Emhav with time, and Mihav with time 2.

After Grouping

A large floating basin above Nebess Peak was created in October 2021 for the seven servers named Vrolota. This is where the seven servers can now come together to discuss and spar to better their skills.


The roles between the members of this group are very similar; to detect and protect any time vulnerabilities. However, Tumen is also a guardian of Loturm, and Shadom is a guardian of Krasnodom.