Sleepy Bridge

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Sleepy Bridge
Aliases: -
Located in: Between SP and Celestial
Created By: Octopus58 (M.O.G, Blue Knight) and E15
Inhabitants: -
Guardians: Casanova, Somniamor, Cloblah and Galrosa
Population: -
Date Created: 2018

Sleepy Bridge is a dimension of it's own, that exists purely from the mental bond of M.O.G and E15, as a physical manifestation. It is most significant for its own infinite space and iconic bridge connecting SP and Celestial. The entrance to Sleepy Bridge from SP is located in the Prickly Forest.

Physical Geography

Sleepy Bridge is mostly open space, with an infinite purple sky, and space in all possible directions. The sky is constantly in a twilight like state, where day and night do not exist. The void is populated with many different floating islands, mostly grassy plots of floating soil with deciduous trees. The bridge itself is made out of a brownish-yellow brick, stacked upon each other, and the space between SP and Celestial causes it to warp and twirl , with the gravity still being pulled down towards the path of the bridge. The physics of this dimension are very ambiguous.

The air smells mostly fresh, with different smells that both M.O.G. and E15 prefer. This includes the smell of cookies, flowers, and so on.



There aren't much creatures that live in Sleepy Bridge, but rather a lot pass through it. Casanova, Cloblah, Galrosa and Somniamor guard the bridge. Casanova guards the entrance from Celestial's side, Galrosa and Cloblah protect it from SP's side, and Somniamor exists as a projection to protect it from the bridge itself.