Super Hard Quiz P1

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Super Hard Quiz P1
Logo unfortunately drawn by Octopus58
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Release Information
Series: Web Quiz
Genre: Quiz, Spoof
Modes: Single Player
Platforms: Windows, Linux, OSX
Release Date: April 1st, 2013

Super Hard Quiz P1 (stylized as as Super Hard Quiz P1!!) is a 2D quiz flash game made by Octopus58. It was meant to be (at the time) a take on another popular game, Impossible Quiz. There are 30 questions in this game, and most of them are meant to have some kind of unreasonable/unexpected response. One wrong response would cause the player to start from the very beginning.

The game was released on April 1st, 2013 to the public on Newgrounds. It was made using Action Script 2 for Adobe Flash, and was planned to have a sequel, but that never happened.

The game didn't have the best reception, but it wasn't very bad either. In retrospect, Octopus58 feels like he could have done significantly better, but considers it to be alright for his first publicly available game. It is kept up purely for history purposes.






None of the music in this game was composed by Octopus58, but rather lazily clustered into audacity, pitch bended, and made to fade into other tracks to form one long "remix". The remix was very low standard and low quality, and used songs from a Wii homebrew game called "Supersonic Wii". They are as follows:

Track Number Song Name Original Author
01 Turrican Theme Remix Chris Huelsbeck
02 VoxelBuffer ?
03 Ode to Megaman Capcom
04 Synthetic Nightmare Mathew Valente (tssf)

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  • In question 24, you can move Robotnik with the arrow keys. This, while being a secret, was just a reused asset from another flash game being made at the time by Octopus58 revolving around Robotnik running away from Tails Doll in the death egg. It was meant to be a creepy pasta like game similar to Sonic.EXE. Needless to say, it never happened, and maybe that's a good thing.