Time Hole

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Time Hole
Aliases: N/A
Located in: Cacti Desert, SP
Created By: M.O.G.
Inhabitants: None
Guardians: The Sun Octopus
Population: 0
Date Created: 2007

The Time Hole is a location in Cacti Desert where it is possible to access alternate timelines within SP. It is a wide circular pit with a seemingly endless bottom, and creatures can navigate their way through to get to a different accessible point of time within the world.

Physical Properties

The Time Hole appeared around 2007, when the Sun Octopus was defeated in his dome. The dome was made of reinforced glass, under heavy pressure of lava flowing on top of it. Upon exploding, a large hole formed that wasn't discovered until 2017. The hole is about 100 meters in diameter, and has a very sharp slope towards seemingly infinity. While the rim of the pit seems to be physical and tangible, and so are the walls of the pit, the hole itself seems to lose most physical properties as it is considered "timeless". Anything inside the hole is free of the bounds of time, and does not exist at a specific point of time, but rather at all times and none at once.

It is derived from this observation that the hole contains it's own definition of time, separate from the rest of the universe. It is mainly used as a means to travel between dimensions using an altered reality. When an object falls through the hole, it's destination and the time it arrives at a location is determined by a few factors. A lifeless object thrown into the pit will come back with the same velocity as it was thrown, unless guided by a living creature. SP creatures however, are able to determine what time they want to arrive at, as long as it is not in the future, and as long as it is in active memory from the past, post 2008.