Zelosian Ocean

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Zelosian Ocean
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Created By: Octopus58
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Population: Medium
Date Created: 2014

The Zelosian Ocean is the southern ocean of SP. It ranges in depths and structures, and is home to some creatures who prefer aquatic conditions.

Physical Geography

The water of this ocean has a slightly green hue because of how the light hits the depths. The depth of the ocean is very gradual, with soft beige sand lining the bottom. There are some rocks and other structures in certain areas, and the whole scope is unknown since the ocean goes south for infinity.



The Zelosian Ocean is a very habitable place for water loving creatures.


One of the most harvested plants that grows in this ocean is the Salmon Tongue. It is very desirable in SP as it tastes the same as salmon would, yet you do not have to use a salmon for the flavor.