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Avatar drawn by Rosemaryy
Aliases: Michael, MG, M.O.G., Octo
Born: December 25th, 1999
Occupation: Game developer, musician, artist, video editor, programmer, writer
Languages: English, French, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic

Octopus58 (or Michael) is a developer who started working on small projects since 2008. He is currently most known for working on ME-OS and Guppy's Quest, his first major project. Michael has partnered up together with Spicy Coffee to work on many projects together, and both aim to create media that others can enjoy and gain happiness from.


Michael was born in Israel on December 25th, 1999. There he had learnt to speak Russian and a bit of Hebrew. After living there for 3 years, he has moved to Canada and has lived there since. He later on learnt English, and forgot a lot of the Hebrew he learnt as a very young child. Since he felt lonely from being separated from his extended family, Michael has always taken an interest for artistic things such as sketching, painting, and modelling on his free time. Later on, he started playing a lot of games on the computer, mostly flash games on sites like Newgrounds and so on. He particularly enjoyed adventure/action games such as Sonic Heroes, which still remains as his favorite game to this day. Due to being very lonely when he first started school in 2005, he has often talked to himself and has eventually came up with an imaginary friend, Gontaper, who he'd play with during recess. However, playtime with his made up friend eventually extended into a made up world, SP, and things seemed to go much beyond just his imagination all up until now, and still going.

Michael was into trying to make music and play it since he was still very young. He has started piano lessons around five years old, which have allowed him to learn more essentials that would allow him to play more instruments later on such as the accordion, alto saxophone, ocarina, pan flute, recorder, guitar, and so on. Essentials such as scales and chords helped him develop song ideas later on.

Michael has started off programming in early 2008 in scripting languages such as Batch and Visual Basic Script. His childhood hobby was to make fake "viruses" and install them on school computers. Through that small hobby came learning more about other languages such as Actionscript 2 and 3, Java, C# and C++. Michael also started to get more into image, music, and video editing software. After a few years, multi media became his main hobby, where he would try to combine multiple types of media into one piece. This is what slowly started to get him into making games.

For his works, he has taken series such as Sonic, Kirby, Mario, and Zelda for inspiration. Additionally, he was inspired from web animations and games such as Salad Fingers, Pico, and some games made by Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin. The art he has seen in the series has inspired him in making his own locations and characters. As much as he takes inspiration, he still sticks to his own original concepts and ideas for works such as his games.

In late September 2015, Michael got interested in a game he found called Indie Game Battle from a Facebook post revealing Salad Fingers as a playable character. He wanted to see if he could somehow assist in development after seeing the full cast of characters at the time. He became friends with the main developer Felixblobdev (Felix), who at the time was an up and coming game developer who has been known most from his featured Happy Wheels levels. From late 2015 to May 2017, Michael made remixes/original tracks for the game, as well as some graphical assets including skins, and some stages. Felix has also helped out Michael with Guppy's Quest, giving Squared Palace (at the time Water Temple) tiles and animated objects better shading, as well as revamped assets. Felix has added Gontaper as a playable character in Indie Game Battle. However, in mid 2017, the game has got canceled. Felix and Michael still speak with each other in regards to development of other games and on other matters as well.

In May 2017, Michael has met Rosemaryy (Emily), who he has quickly became very close with. She joined MGFlow58 and after some time, had become one of the Co-Owners. They have started to draw a lot together, and try to make small things together out of a shared hobby and passion for multimedia and art. Emily was very proficient with art, which eventually resulted in her starting to collaborate with Michael in remaking Guppy's Quest assets for the Unity remake (character sprites and animations, tiles, backgrounds, etc.). Her characters from Star Dust have also been added as main characters in the game, along with shared locations/characters between SP and Star Dust such as Somniamor, Sleepy Bridge, and so on. They have also started working on a brand new project called MEOS (Michael and Emily Operating System) which is designed to be a spoof game of operating systems.

Since September 2017, Michael has been attending university for a degree in Computer Science, but still intends to focus on his game development and eventually make a living from it with Emily



Michael has made numerous tracks public since 2013. Some are very old and poor quality, others are more up to date.

Album Track Number Song Name Year
Aquatic Techno 01 Green Waters 2013
Aquatic Techno 02 Caved in Caverns 2013
Aquatic Techno 03 Acidic Ice Cap 2013
Aquatic Techno 04 Octopus Legions 2014
Aquatic Techno 05 Sunshine Bubble Army 2014
Aquatic Techno 06 Octopus00's Theme - Fly to Rescue 2014
Aquatic Techno 07 Coral Maze 2014
Aquatic Techno 08 Beach Mist 2014
Aquatic Techno 09 Octopus01's Theme - Highway in the Stars 2014
Aquatic Techno 10 Aquatic Techno 2015
Climate Climaxity 01 Cacti Rush 2015
Climate Climaxity 02 The Stampede of Fire 2015
Climate Climaxity 03 Octopus02's Theme - Sparking Rock 2015
Climate Climaxity 04 Octopus04's Theme - Riding the Molten Ash 2015
Climate Climaxity 05 Turbulent Ash Ocean 2015
Climate Climaxity 06 Slithering Chill 2015
Climate Climaxity 07 River of Dew 2015
Climate Climaxity 08 Octopus04's Theme - Mixed Up Storm 2015
Climate Climaxity 09 Where The Sun is Always Shining 2015
Climate Climaxity 10 Climate Climaxity 2015
Unstoppable Pulse 01 Windy Flowers 2015
Unstoppable Pulse 02 The Smashing Trees 2015
Unstoppable Pulse 03 Mind Boggle 2015
Unstoppable Pulse 04 Adrenalyn Heat 2015
Unstoppable Pulse 05 Save Rush 2015
Unstoppable Pulse 06 Arial Bombard 2015
Unstoppable Pulse 07 Blizzard Whip 2015
Unstoppable Pulse 08 Plot for Devastation 2015
Unstoppable Pulse 09 Octopus05's Theme - Speedless Isolation 2015
Ëvropa 01 The Mediterranean Rail 2016
Ëvropa 02 Octopus06's Theme - Cotton Winds 2016
Ëvropa 03 Tide Luminescence 2016
Ëvropa 04 Dancing Rays 2016
Ëvropa 05 Reflection Over the Sand 2016
Ëvropa 06 Roah Midvar 2016
Ëvropa 07 Night Light Joyride 2016
Ëvropa 08 Shore Call 2017
Sleeping Blossom 01 Past the Midnight Sun 2016
Sleeping Blossom 02 Sleepy Destination 2017
Turquoise Summer 01 Kamen 2017
Turquoise Summer 02 Nostalgic Grains 2017
Turquoise Summer 03 Pragulka 2017
Turquoise Summer 04 Ecstatic Days 2017
Turquoise Summer 05 She Smiles Back 2017
Turquoise Summer 06 Dawning Years 2018
Dreamy 01 Emmy 2017
Dreamy 02 Space Princess 2018
Dreamy 03 Hold Me 2018
Dreamy 04 Beyond The Bounds of Time 2019
Dreamy 05 Safe With You 2019
Guppy's Quest OST 01 The Depths 2018
Guppy's Quest OST 02 Where the Sun is Always Shining 2018
Guppy's Quest OST 03 Reality Generator 2018
Guppy's Quest OST 04 Bird Brains 2018
Guppy's Quest OST 05 Watching Clouds 2018
Guppy's Quest OST 06 Green Tides 2018
Guppy's Quest OST 07 Snegopad 2018
Guppy's Quest OST 08 Boundless 2019
Guppy's Quest OST 09 Petal Breeze 2019
Guppy's Quest OST 10 Windy Flowers 2019
Guppy's Quest OST (Night) 01 The Depths 2018
Guppy's Quest OST (Night) 02 Where the Sun is Always Shining 2018
Guppy's Quest OST (Night) 03 Reality Generator 2018
Guppy's Quest OST (Night) 04 Bird Brains 2018
Guppy's Quest OST (Night) 05 Watching Clouds 2018
Guppy's Quest OST (Night) 06 Green Tides 2018
Guppy's Quest OST (Night) 07 Snegopad 2018
Guppy's Quest OST (Night) 08 Boundless 2019
Guppy's Quest OST (Night) 09 Petal Breeze 2019
Guppy's Quest OST (Night) 10 Windy Flowers 2019


Michael has started making his first public works on Newgrounds in 2012, uploading his first flash animation "Octo's loop collection!" (now unpublished) on March 30th 2013. His first flash game was "Super Hard Quiz P1!!". Lastly, he uploaded a lot of his music onto the site as well to try to gain some recognition. The most viewed item of his was the flash game, with over 5000 views. At the time, Michael didn't have time to make more animations and flash games, as much as he wanted to, so that's mostly all he has contributed.

Guppy's Quest

Michael has started planning his first large scale game in 2013, but it wouldn't start coming to life until November 2014, when he started publishing his first beta builds. This project has over time allowed Michael to learn how to program more in Java, and heavily introduced object oriented programming. Additionally, this has taught him how to take feedback from others as he would send beta tests to very early beta testers (such as Ryan McKay), and how to balance music from sounding too ear grating. In 2016, he'd get help from Felixblobdev in terms of adding shading to the first stage, and in 2018, Rosemaryy took over the art role, remaking all existing sprites and tile assets to look better, as Michael did not have a lot of experience in pixel art and not a lot of time to get the results he wanted. Her characters became main characters available from the start of the game due to the close connection between her and Michael.

Collaboration with Felixblobdev

Since finding Indie Game Battle in 2015, Michael was interested in helping Felix by providing music (remixes and originals) and some graphical assets, as well as ideas and some music for other games. Since then both Michael and Felix share a lot of character appearances between their works, as Gontaper and Guppy appeared publicly in Indie Game Battle (along with a Squared Palace stage) and Matthew Favson appears in Guppy's Quest as a playable character and in MEOS easter eggs.

Royal Squared

Royal Squared was a Game Boy Jam game submitted in October 2016, and while being short and simple, was his first complete platformer game. It was based on difficulty and patience, and had mixed reception from those who played it. The game is eventually planned to have a full length version featuring returning characters Kvarol and Soverdat, as well as Karbik, Kusik, and more.


MEOS was a project started by Michael and Spicy Coffee. It was meant to be a spoof of operating systems with its own progressive flow and subtle story. This was the project that got both of them familiarized with collaborating and how Unity works in general, allowing for a smoother start to the Unity remake of Guppy's Quest in mid 2018.