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The ME-OS desktop as of version 0.0.54
Release Information
Series: MEOS essentials
Type: Web browser
Platforms: MEOS
Release Date: April 2018

The boot sequence is the first application started up by MEOS. It contains some basic startup text, execution of a small hello world program, and a display of the logo before loading the user into the desktop. It will occasionally display special messages based on the date and time of the launch, and/or a special user launching the sequence.


Initially when ME-OS was being made as an application for fun, the boot sequence was meant to feel like an actual old computer booting up. However when the project became more serious, this sequence was kept to increase the feeling of authenticity for the OS. It is the only application that has little to no changes in all of it's years in development.


The boot sequence does not have much features aside from loading the user into the desktop (or user profile creation if this is their first time loading the OS). However, secret messages may pop up depending on the user, or time and date. Shortcuts into other secret terminal like applications can also be done from this sequence as well.

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  • In the first build of ME-OS, the boot sequence led to the logo, but didn't go anywhere past that. The runtime of the application was basically just around 10 seconds!