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Logo drawn by Rosemaryy
Release Information
Series: MEOS essentials
Type: Plain text editor
Platforms: MEOS
Release Date: May 2019

NoteME is a plain text editor for MEOS that can save files in any format that accepts plain text, and is used for writing and reading files accessible by the OS. The app can write only externally and not within the OS's local files, but can read external and local files without an issue.


NoteME is one of the first applications developed for MEOS to a stable state, as early as the 0.0.13 build. Its intended purpose was mostly for testing and figuring out how reading and writing works with Unity, the software the OS was constructed with.


Text Editor

NoteME's main feature is to be able to write and modify text on the screen. The text editor is given a big space while the options are either on the top or the bottom. The default font is Arial, and the default font size is fourteen to provide easy readability to anyone using the app. The "New File" option clears the text pane, and "Font -" and "Font +" options easily increment the font size to those using a touch screen.

Reading and Writing

NoteME can read files from any directory (local or external) while it can only write to external locations. The internal local files cannot be modified as they are considered resources within the OS, and thus only readable to the user as modifying internal files is not possible.

NoteME as of MEOS version 0.0.14

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  • NoteME is the first utility successfully implemented to full functionality on the OS