Seven Servers

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Seven Servers
Founded: 2014
Leader: M.O.G.

The Seven Servers of SP are the main Creatures in charge of protecting and guarding the land from any kind of threats. Originally founded in 2014 by M.O.G., the group consists of Bever, Feron, Fushy, Geron, Gontaper, Guppy and Psytork. Every member has some kind of role to function by and keep track of.


Before Grouping

Before the creation of Bever, Feron, Fushy, Geron and Psytork, the main members that would be in charge of protection were Gontaper, Guppy and M.O.G.. The more situations that would occur, the harder it would be to overcome them. Additionally, M.O.G. felt like his two best friends didn't have enough friends to talk to and be with while he would be gone on Earth to do his other day to day tasks. This is why the five other creatures were created.

First, Bever was made. He was supposed to be enough to give the other two company, however, M.O.G. was in the mood to draw more creatures to life. Geron was drawn next, but due to confusion on two different drawings of him that looked a bit different, the other drawing was made into Feron, his brother. Shortly after, Psytork and Fushy were quickly sketched out as well, and by the end, seven creatures have been drawn to life. Soon, M.O.G. realized the great potential such a close group of friends can have, fighting together as a team and making advances in SP for a better, brighter future. The Seven Servers was established as a group.

Corruption Crisis

When the Corruption Crisis occurred, each member of the Seven Servers went to investigate the fallen Corruption Clusters. Since these clusters near the outskirts of Hex City, they all went to check them out and investigate them. At the time, they did not know that interaction with the clusters would cause corruption (thus gaining their Corrupt Form), and when one of them would go corrupt, the other would have to tame them back to their senses to the point where they learn how to control that form.

After each server has obtained their corrupt form, they went on to fight Corren to restore him to a non corrupt form, but shortly after Corren came to his senses, Opoctus came forth from Cloud starting the P.O.D. Invasion.

P.O.D. Invasion

During the P.O.D. Invasion, the servers frequently used their Super Form and their Corrupt Form against the POD's, however, during this invasion the servers also learnt how to use their super pure forms when fighting Opoctal Opoctus.

POD's keep showing up after the invasion, due to Chronotvar messing with the past and future productions of Cloud.

Kosmotvar Time Flux

During the Kosmotvar threat, the servers mostly stayed idle as M.O.G. went to space to fight Kosmotvar himself. However, as soon as Chronotvar (I) and (II) were discovered, M.O.G. stayed in the present to fight Chronotvar (II), Guppy went to the past to fight Chronotvar (I), Gontaper used foresight to guide both of them and the rest of the servers stayed in the present as support.


All the servers are experienced fighters, with their own fighting style. However, besides fighting they also have other roles they like to prioritize in.


Gontaper is mostly involved in research and astronomy. He has studies mostly on where SP is relative to Earth in space, what are Infinity Cores and how do they work, the physical shape of SP, and how to improve the hearts of half humans.


Guppy is a builder and a designer. He uses various resources in SP to create new buildings, structures, tools, and so on. One of his first major projects was Shroom House. He is working with the servers to determine other structures that might be essential to bettering the land.


Bever is an explorer. He likes to go to areas, near or far from Hex City to make new findings or observations.

Geron and Feron

Geron and Feron, being brothers, share a very similar interest of being interested in living things. They mostly study plants, to see how and if they can be given a more expressive, unique life. In the past, they have taken particular interest to Haleaf, a warm sphere of wood with an SP heart. They also study other creatures with unique physical structures, such as Gagma, who has a warm, stone core full of Emerildium.


Psytork is highly interested in researching Spirits, who are either not living, have more than one soul attached to them, and so on. He researches how personality can be developed in a non living being, and how it can be preserved.


Fushy takes interest in being a chemist. He likes to learn about the elements, composition and function of SP, which he likes to do alongside Gontaper. He is mostly researching on the search for new elements that were previously unknown.