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Welcome to the World of SP Wiki!

This is the source for official information on the SP world, its creatures, and everything linked to it. There is way too much information about the world that can't simply be put into games and other forms of media, hence why this place exists! This wiki is constantly in development, so if you see something empty or missing, please bear with us. If you feel lucky, why not check out a random page?

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MGFlow58 Site - World of SP Site - MGFlow58 Twitter - MGFlow58 Official Discord - ME-OS Discord

Did You Know?

Some SP creatures are older than their parents? Gontaper, Guppy, Bever, and a few other creatures had their parents be created several years after their creation, being built backwards from their composure. The purpose of this was to give them a greater feeling of belonging amongst the other creatures.

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Logo drawn by Rosemaryy

MEOS (sometimes stylized as M.E.O.S. or ME-OS) is a game by Octopus58 and MyCofeeTooSpicy. It is meant to be a spoof of operating systems while using original assets to recreate the nostalgic early computer feelings the player is familiar with. The purpose of this game is to make the user feel as though they are using a real operating system, with full features such as playing games, browsing the internet, listening to music, and more while having a sense of progression with unlockable secrets and programs to use. It also attempts to inform the user about the world of SP through all of the features it contains, hoping that one day the user will visit.

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