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This page contains spoilers on ME-OS revealing the following details: Unlockable items and easter eggs
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The game is still in development, so a lot of content is subject to change

Logo drawn by Rosemaryy
Extra Credits:
Release Information
Series: SP Main
Genre: Spoof, Miscellaneous (some platformer, adventure, action included)
Modes: Single Player, Multi Player
Platforms: Windows, Linux, OSX, TBA
Release Date: TBA

ME-OS (sometimes stylized as M.E.O.S. or MEOS) is a game by Octopus58 and MyCoffeeTooSpicy. It is meant to be a spoof of operating systems while using original assets to recreate the nostalgic early computer feelings the player is familiar with. The purpose of this game is to make the user feel as though they are using a real operating system, with full features such as playing games, browsing the internet, listening to music, and more while having a sense of progression with unlockable secrets and programs to use. It also attempts to inform the user about the world of SP through all of the features it contains, hoping that one day the user will visit.

The games release date is currently unknown. It is built to function mostly for use with systems that are compatible with keyboards such as Windows, OSX and Linux. However, recent systems such as Nintendo Switch have keyboard support which allows for the possibility of considering porting ME-OS to more systems.

While the game will have a lot of preset programs and games to play around with, the option of being able to shop for more programs and games (with in game obtainable currency) allows the user to experience more new features by grinding for currency. Additionally, the game has some story elements intertwined with it, that the player can experience through progressing in the pre-installed games and programs.


The game is centered around feeling as if it is an actual operating system. Therefore, all keys are usually available for things like typing text or entering commands, and every single inner game and software have their own set of controls. Unless the user enter secret or administrative commands, they are led to the desktop where they control a cursor with program icons. The desktop will have different games and software you can launch.

Meanwhile, an overlay prompt can be triggered to input commands by pressing the tilde (~) key. This is useful for testing and administrators overall.

Here is a list of programs included within ME-OS at the moment



System Applications

Joke Applications


ME-OS is said to be an OS that was partially made by aliens, far away from Earth. Pre recorded AI of Listi and Abigail appear in the beginning of the game to greet you, and let you know that this operating system is meant to be more educational than practical. They claim that they want to teach you about the distant world of SP, so that one day you might be able to help with research in discovering them.


The game has started development alongside Guppy's Quest on April 28th, 2018. There were two purposes behind this decision, first being that this game idea was one Octopus58 planned a while ago, and second being that he wanted to get a bit more practice with Unity before diving further into the development of Guppy's Quest. ME-OS provided a flexible environment where multiple ideas and features could be tested by developing small software or games out of them. In fact, the mechanics for a platformer were actually developed first in Royal Squared Color so that they can be transferred into Guppy's Quest later on.

From the very beginning, this game was actually named MGOS. This is due to the idea Octopus58 had in mind, as MGOS is the operating system he has made in SP. However, MyCoffeeTooSpicy wanted to work on the project as well, so the ideas and plans for the OS were changed, along with the name being changed to ME-OS (Michael Emily Operating System). Following this, MyCoffeeTooSpicy helped make some art assets and contributed to the planning and idea parts of the game, while Octopus58 focused more on programming, music, ideas/planning, and a bit of art for games like Royal Squared Color, Gon Ball Rally and joke games like Guppy's Quest 2.


Most original music in the game is composed and arranged by Octopus58. In Mimi Player, there are guest song appearances from DJVI, Drumbuster, Gapbrick, KingCamdenTheGreat, SpeTheof, and Zelgeon.

Track Number Song Name Location
M01 Save Rush Endless Forest, Royal Squared Color Level 1
M02 Blizzard Whip Infinity Core Caves, Royal Squared Color Level 2
M03 Tide Luminescence Zelosian Plaj, Royal Squared Color Level 3
M04 Splitventure Lava Lake, Royal Squared Color Level 4
M05 Sailors Hornpipe (remix) Detective Dog Blubbert, MEGAME 7 IN 1
M06 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (remix) Music Fruit, MEGAME 7 IN 1
M07 Frosting Fantasy Shikabok Frostlands, Sky Balls
M08 Gribby Shroom Gardens, Gon Ball Rally
M09 Blinded in the Haze Hazelands, Gon Ball Rally
M10 Vira Vira, Gon Ball Rally
M11 Ievan Polkka (remix) Keyccordion Dawn
M12 Hyochan - Melancholy Melon (remix) Keyccordion Dawn
M13 Supreme Route Medley Jump Wars
M14 DEAF Keyccordion Dawn
M15 TSSF - Synthetic Nightmare (remix) Keyccordion Dawn
M16 Sky Balls Menu Sky Balls
M17 Tidal Shimmer Eclipse Ore Island, Gon Ball Rally
M18 The Onset Shroom Mazes, Gon Ball Rally
M19 Adomathan Keyccordion Dawn
M20 William Tell Overkill Keyccordion Dawn
M21 Twinkle Twinkle Keyccordion Dawn
M22 Watching Clouds Super Grabu, MEGAME 7 IN 1
M23 Son Ar Chistr Keyccordion Dawn
M24 Bombik's Theme Bomber, MEGAME 7 IN 1
M25 Gron's Theme Gron 4 Space Adventure, MEGAME 7 IN 1
M26 Osvech Gron 4 Space Adventure, MEGAME 7 IN 1
M27 Fort Molnia Gron 4 Space Adventure, MEGAME 7 IN 1
M28 Escape Gron 4 Space Adventure, MEGAME 7 IN 1
M29 Molnik's Theme Gron 4 Space Adventure, MEGAME 7 IN 1
M30 Poopoo Knight's Theme Gron 4 Space Adventure, MEGAME 7 IN 1
M31 Vrolota Jump Wars
M32 Fugue Agonia Jump Wars
M33 The Hills Jump Wars
M34 Jump Wars (theme) Jump Wars
M36 Self Made Syho
M36 Enter The Syhopus Syho
M37 Tentacles Behind The Corner Syho
M38 No Man's Mall Syho
M39 Krasnodom Syho
M40 Battle Beyond The Red Sky Syho
M41 Descent to Insanity Syho
M42 Zholtalist Syho
M43 Reflection of Rage Syho
M44 Everbound ME-OS Theme
M45 Rewind the Party Super Hard Quiz P2
M46 Pasture Time Super Hard Quiz P2
M47 Lascia Ch'io Pianga Keygen Remix Keyccordion Dawn
M48 Archived Days Whoopie's Playtime
M49 Apandoom's Outing Apandoom's Tree
M50 Glorious Morning Keygen Remix Keyccordion Dawn

Sound Effects and Short Loops

The sound effects and short remixes are mostly based on other full length pieces

Track Number Song Name Location
S01 Hold Me (sample) Startup Jingle
S02 Sleepy Destination (sample) Shutdown Jingle
S03 Hydro Rage (remixed loop) Pilot

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  • The start up jingle and the shutdown jingle are based on two songs by Octopus58, "Hold Me" (for startup) and "Sleepy Destination" (for shutdown), which he has wrote for SpicyCoffee on their half a year and year and a half anniversaries respectively.
  • The game was mostly used to test mechanics and features for Guppy's Quest at first, but started turning into more of its own games with its own mechanics later on.