Jump Wars

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Jump Wars
Logo drawn by FelixBlobDev
Extra Credits:
  • Tom Fulp (Pico character usage)
Release Information
Series: SP, SD, Mattyverse
Genre: Platformer, Fighting
Modes: Single Player, Multiplayer
Platforms: ME-OS
Release Date: TBA

Jump Wars is a small platform fighter focused around the games portrayed in ME-OS.


In Jump Wars, the goal is to be the last player/team standing. Every player can choose a character and then a stage. Every character has unique properties for things such as run speed, walk speed, jump height, weight, and in some cases more. They also have two moves each, and the ability to jump on each others head. Each character has about 18 alt skins.

Characters and Stages

Please refer to Jump Wars Characters And Stages for a full list of characters and stages in the game.


The plot of the game is very simple. Sonsh is always on the lookout to get stronger and develop his skills further than ever. So he thought to himself, why not fight with his friends so everyone can get stronger together?


This game's workflow is unique compared to the other games in ME-OS, as the main art director is FelixBlobDev. The characters are primarily designed by Octopus58 and SpicyCoffee (with the exceptions of guest characters), but the sprite work is done by SpicyCoffee and Felix.


The music in the game is composed by Octopus58. The game uses a lot of music from other games and utilities in ME-OS, but here are the original tracks:

Track Number Song Name Location Preview
01 Supreme Route Medley Endless Forest
02 Vrolota Vrolota
03 Fugue Agonia Gavnell's Lament
04 The Hills Sunset Hill
05 Jump Wars Menu Theme 1

External Links


  • Each stage for this game has a mod counterpart in another game called Rivals of Aether
  • Sonsh was chosen as the mascot of this game as he somewhat looks like a frog, and frogs are associated with jumping