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Aliases: None
Company Information
Founded: 2012
Owner: Octopus58
Location: Toronto, Canada
Website: MGFlow58 Official Site
Social Media:

MGFlow58 is a Canada based multimedia developer and publisher. The company mostly focuses on making indie games such as MEOS and Guppy's Quest, but also produces music, art, and software. It was founded in 2012 originally as MGSoft before changing the name due to naming concerns.


MGFlow58 was founded by Octopus58 in 2012 to keep his content organized. Back then, it was known as MGSoft for at least a year. Octopus58 was mostly interested in making apps for Android devices at first, as well as small web games. However due to lack of polish, only a few animations and games were released out of around 100 draft files. Some applications did make it on to the Google Play store, but were willingly taken down at a later date.

Around the same time, gaming servers ran by Octopus58 were claimed to be MGFlow58 provided servers with 24/7 availability. The server community was called Spandoc58, short for "Spguard and Octopus58", as he ran it mostly with his brother. This is where the idea of having a larger team started to form, but a lot of the administrators of the server got busy with personal life and disbanded in a few years.

In 2013, development of Guppy's Quest began in Java. The game started to slowly gain attention around 2014-2015. One of the first beta testers for the game, Ryan McKay, became an important team member early on since then. In the same year, Octopus58 started to make his music more public, finishing "Green Waters" in 2013. As he uploaded more music to his main YouTube channel, he started talking to DrumBuster (Carfan722 at the time) who also soon became part of the team.

Since late 2015, Octopus58 met more of his team members through a group working together on a scrapped project. These people were FelixBlobDev, IndieAnjelo, WinOrTroll, and Zange. He would meet them over the span of 2 years from 2015-2017. FelixBlobDev was at one point a famous Happy Wheels creator/moderator (went by KirbyPwnage at the time) who later took up making his own games, starting with The Legend of The Artifact. IndieAnjelo would create small games himself, mostly based on retro style games. WinOrTroll and Zange were both people who were interested in balancing/feedback in fighting videogames.

In May of 2017, Spicy Coffee became a part of the team. She would also provide a lot of content used in MGFlow58 games, which would mostly be art. In late 2017, she became the co-owner of MGFlow58; in early 2020, Octopus58 and Spicy Coffee got married, and pursued their multimedia development ideas together.


Octopus58 has started making small web games since 2012, but started being focused on bigger games along with the team since around 2013.

Main Games

Release Date (D/M/Y) Title Platform Developer Notes
TBA Guppy's Quest Windows, OSX, Linux Octopus58 Release pending
TBA MEOS Windows, OSX, Linux Octopus58, Spicy Coffee Release pending

Web Games

Release Date (D/M/Y) Title Platform Developer Notes
01/04/2020 Super Hard Quiz P1 Windows, OSX, Linux Octopus58 Very rough, experimental game made when Octopus58 was 13 years old.

Games not published by MGFlow58

These games were made by members of the MGFlow58 team, but are published by other businesses

Release Date (D/M/Y) Title Platform Developer Publisher Notes
09/06/2017 Geneticognito Windows FelixBlobDev Blob Games N/A
01/05/2018 Toadie's Adventure Windows FelixBlobDev Blob Games N/A
05/05/2020 Super Gear Quest Windows FelixBlobDev Blob Games N/A


DrumBuster, Octopus58, and Ryan McKay have taken up a strong interest in composing and remixing.

OctoNote Music

OctoNote is the name Octopus58 goes by when producing music.

Release Date (D/M/Y) Title Track Number Album Genre Notes
12/11/2020 Gribby 8 ME-OS OST Dance N/A
15/05/2020 The Time We Spend is Never Ending 6 Dreamy Dance N/A
15/05/2020 Frosting Fantasy 7 ME-OS OST Videogame N/A
15/04/2020 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 6 ME-OS OST Videogame Cover