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Spicy Coffee
Avatar drawn by SpicyCoffee
Aliases: MyCoffeeTooSpicy, Roseyy, Emily, Emmy, Em
Born: September 11th, 2001
Occupation: Game developer, vocalist, artist, writer
Residence: United States
Languages: English, Spanish

Spicy Coffee, or her real name Emily, has partnered up with Octopus58 in mid-2018 to not only become the Co-founder of MGFlow58, but work on existing projects of the company to express her life-long interests in illustration, animation, music, and vocals. Her role, in the game Guppy's Quest, is all the sprite work, tile sets, art, and animation for the entire game, revamped from its previous style. Emily’s goal is to make people happy and inspired to pursue their live long dreams, by hobbies and efforts she enjoys herself.


Nothing at the moment


Guppy's Quest

Guppy's Quest was the first major project Emily has ever worked on. She has been very fascinated by previous builds of the developing game, originally started in 2013 by Octopus58. And then during mid 2018, he asked her to work on the game and redesign all of its previous Java phase. Since the game was being switched on to the Unity software, and since Emily was very skilled and interested in working towards the game, she has now become the artist of Guppy's Quest. She currently works on the sprites, designs, backgrounds, animations, etc., and collaborates with Michael to make more diverse ideas, write out more of the game's story, and even adds some of her own characters and connect them to the game as well, due to them being very close to each other. Emily's characters originally started after she got together in a relationship with Michael.


Around late April of 2018, both Emily and Michael have considered to make another project together along with the development of Guppy's Quest. That project would consist of the same roles as Guppy's Quest: Emily would be in charge of the art, the icons, the backgrounds, etc., while also helping Michael come up with more creative ideas for the project, and providing her own original characters into ME-OS, as he would program the project to life.