Super Hard Quiz P2

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Super Hard Quiz P2
Main menu of the game
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Release Information
Series: Web Quiz
Genre: Quiz, Spoof
Modes: Single Player
Platforms: ME-OS, Windows, Linux, OSX
Release Date: April 1st, 2023

Super Hard Quiz P2 (stylized as as Super Hard Quiz P2!!!) is a 2D quiz flash game made by Octopus58. It was released as a special standalone and ME-OS game on April 1st 2023 in honor of the 10 year anniversary of Super Hard Quiz P1. There are 60 questions in this game, and this time the questions make a slight bit more sense, at the cost of some being harder in nature. Unlike it's predecessor, part 2 gives you three lives throughout the game.

The game was released on April 1st 2023 as a standalone game on Newgrounds. While all the graphics were drawn in the flash style, this time it was made in the Unity Engine.


The quiz has a lot of standard questions that may appear smart and witty, or just generally dumb. Nine of sixty questions, for example, have poop jokes in them in some way. However every fifth question acts more like a minigame, forcing you to either think outside of the box or perform something with meticulous timing.


The games development started on March 17th 2023, and ended on March 31st 2023. Even though a lot of time was allocated each day throughout that time period, a lot of content had to be cut due to the short notice of developing the game. Originally, the quiz was going to have 100 questions and at least 2 more songs that would loop in the background along with the main theme. However considering that the last two puzzle questions were done the day before release, this content never made it in.


This time the music was made by Octopus58 entirely, instead of using external music. Originally, the game was going to have three more tracks, but they were cut due to very tight time constraints.

Track Number Song Name Preview
01 Rewind the Party
02 Pasture Time

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  • The first question idea for this game was question #30, which is where Wiwi the horse appears on a pasture.
  • A lot of this game took heavy inspiration from the early 2000s internet, specifically with flash games