Gron 4 Space Adventure

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Gron 4 Space Adventure
Gron 4 Logo
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Release Information
Series: SP
Genre: Bootleg, Platformer
Modes: Single Player
Platforms: MEOS (MEGAME 7 IN 1)
Release Date: June 21st 2022

Gron 4 Space Adventure is a part of the MEGAME 7 IN 1 collection of games. It is the biggest and most in depth game out of all seven games, and functions as a platformer.


The first level in Gron 4, Osvech

In this game, you play as Gron, one of the two sons of Bever and Beveritta. He and Molnik wanted to play tag and fight, so Molnik went and hid while Gron had to catch up to him.

The main boss in Gron 4, Molnik

There are three levels in this game, all based on never before seen locations in other games. The floating islands of Osvech, Fort Molnia, and Disarray. Each level gets progressively harder introducing new enemies and hazards, and the last level combines all of them together into one.

The secret boss in Gron 4, Poopoo Knight

You can only take one hit and start with ten lives, although infinite lives can be turned on in options. Besides basic horizontal movement, you can also jump and throw water balls at the opponents in your way if you collect a water droplet. Certain enemies can also be stomped.

Game over screen

If the player runs out of lives and doesn't continue, they are greeted with a game over screen featuring an unsettling image of Gron. This has no story implications, but is more a reference to the inspirational material for the game.

Throughout the game, there is also a secret to be found in each level. These secrets are simply of static character sprites hidden somewhere in the level, always at the rightmost edge. Among these characters are Bever, Beveritta and Bevron.


Originally, this game was going to be a parody of a different game and would've went under the name Super Gron 99. That concept remained for a while until a few months later in April of 2022 it was decided that it will now be a parody of a different bootleg game with more ways to reference the source while still being fun. The source material was very clunky and simple, however the plan for Gron 4 was to make it a more challenging platformer that still felt somewhat akin to the inspirational material.

Gron's sprites were made first before anything else, and then the levels with the enemies included. The enemies chosen were already used in the Java version of Guppy's Quest, making a long awaited return to be shown in some form. The bosses were then made, and only after that were the menus, cutscenes, and pause screen implemented.

The boss is completely different in regards to the inspirational material. While in the source inspiration the boss was just a simple black ball moving back and forth, in Gron 4 the bosses have two to four moves and randomized patterns. Molnik was chosen as a boss for two reasons: he was simple to animate, and he had a form that would make for a very fun secret boss (Poopoo Knight). Both bosses were the first serious bosses made by Octopus58.


There are several tracks in this game, and all of them are new and not remixed. They are Gron's Theme, Osvech, Fort Molnia, Escape, Molnik's Theme and Poopoo Knight's theme. Additionally, all the music in this game was made using only the YM2612 chip emulation with the help of the Plogue Chipsynth MD VST.

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  • This is the first game in ME-OS to be completely translated into Russian.
  • This game is heavily influenced by bootleg games by BMB, with poor gameplay and graphic game over screens.