Keyccordion Dawn

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Keyccordion Dawn
Logo drawn by MyCoffeeTooSpicy
Extra Credits:
  • Hyochan (Melancholy Melon)
  • Mathew Valente/TSSF (Synthetic Nightmare)
Release Information
Series: SP
Genre: Rhythm
Modes: Single Player
Platforms: ME-OS
Release Date: TBA

Keyccordion Dawn is a ten key rhythm game for ME-OS. It's main focus is dividing tracks into two parts, the harmony (meant for left hand), and the melody (meant for right hand).


Keyccordion Dawn has multiple "tracks", each coming with two audio layers. One is comprised of the harmony meant to be played on the left side of the track board, the other is made more for the melodic right hand side of the board. Each side has five buttons each, making a total of ten buttons to press through a duration of a song. However, difficulty can be adjusted by slowing down the tracks, removing some notes in the easier versions, and/or disabling right or left hand to only have a total of 5 buttons to press.

Each song has a difficulty ranking overall, 1 star being easy songs most suited for beginners, 5 stars being extreme difficulty. When the difficulty is lowered on any song, medium difficulty slows the song down to 95% speed, and easy to 90%, along with removing some notes from the board that may be more complicated to perform. The types of notes that can be hit are either singular or long notes which can be held to maximize score, but are not mandatory. When a lot of notes are hit consecutively, a streak is built up, multiplying all notes you hit until the streak is lost.


This is the current list of songs, however they are set to expand over time:

Name Artists Music Difficulty Extra
Adomathan Octopus58 3/5 The theme of Adomathan.
Son Ar Chistr Octopus58 3/5 Original song is a Breton folk song, this is a remix.
DEAF Beethoven, Octopus58 5/5 Medley of Beethoven songs, mostly focused on Pathetique no 3.
Ievan Polkka Octopus58 4/5 Original song is a folk song from Finland, this is a remix.
Melancholy Melon Hyochan, Octopus58 2/5 Original song is by Hyochan. This is a remix.
Synthetic Nightmare Mathew Valente (TSSF), Octopus58 4/5 Original song by Mathew Valente (TSSF). This is a remix.
Twinkle Twinkle Mozart, Octopus58 2/5 A song meant to be somewhat easy, at a slow pace, easy to follow.
William Tell Overkill Rossini, Octopus58 5/5 A very fast paced and hard song, a remix of William Tell Overture.


The Keyccordion is a magical instrument from SP, allowing the performer to play whatever comes to their mind when pressing the buttons. However, it requires a lot of skill to play perfectly!


This game was a concept considered before ME-OS had existed. It was planned to be a full standalone game with multiple original, remix and guest tracks. It was decided however that ME-OS needed a rhythm game, so a lite "Dawn" version was to be made. This version was planned to have a lot of songs and features, with the possibility of a full standalone game to come later in the future.

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  • Accordions were chosen as the inspiration of Keyccordion, as they are Octopus58's favorite instrument.