Music Fruit

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Music Fruit
Logo drawn by Octopus58
Extra Credits:
Release Information
Series: SP
Genre: Bootleg, Action
Modes: Single Player
Platforms: MEOS (MEGAME 7 IN 1)
Release Date: April 1st 2020

Music Fruit is a bootleg styled game included in MEGAME 7 IN 1 about collecting enough notes falling from the tree before the time runs out.


The game goes on forever as there are an infinite amount of levels. In each level, you have to pick up an equal amount of three different notes at a minimum quantity before the time runs out. Both the quantity to collect and the time increase as the levels do. Whole notes fall the slowest, sharp notes fall the fastest, and quarter notes fall with average speed.


This game took inspiration from another bootleg game called Fruit Pig, which was very similar in play style. Since this is a very basic kind of game that a lot of other games share concept with, Music Fruit is very close to this.


The music in this game is a keygen style cover of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.

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  • This game is the first to feature Chericant as a playable character
  • The game is a reference to Fruit Pig, which is a game found exclusively on bootleg/pirate multicarts