Super Grabu

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Super Grabu
Image of gameplay
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Release Information
Series: SP
Genre: Bootleg, Action
Modes: Single Player
Platforms: MEOS (MEGAME 7 IN 1)
Release Date: June 21st 2022

Super Grabu is a bootleg styled game included in MEGAME 7 IN 1 about playing tag. It is infinite in playtime.


The goal of the game is to catch Balka as Graba, the character you play as. However, Ambra blocks your way with each attempt. Every time you catch up to Balka, a cutscene plays, and every second cutscene is unique. Every second round, Balka and Graba also turn into their super forms. The game has no end and is played forever until quit. The game supposedly takes place in Nebess Peak.


This game was heavily inspired by another bootleg game on the NES. The original game was completely inappropriate and it's themes did not fit SP creatures whatsoever, so it was made out to be a very funny and lighthearted parody instead.


The music in this game is a remix of "Watching Clouds", the theme of Nebbess Peak

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  • This game is heavily influenced by a game that will not be mentioned, however Super Grabu is completely family friendly compared to it's inspirational material.
  • Ambra was used as a blocker simply because she looks like a cat, and not because she has anything to do with keeping Balka away from Graba