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Guppy's Quest 2: The Last Straw
Logo drawn by Octopus58
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Release Information
Series: SP
Genre: Adventure, Platformer, Action
Modes: Single Player
Platforms: MEOS
Release Date: April 1, 2019

Guppy's Quest 2: The Last Straw is a parody game for the ME-OS, which is a spoof sequel of Guppy's Quest. The first chapter is meant to take a over serious, edgy tone while fighting off tantrum throwing monsters invading what appears to be (but isn't actually) Hex City. Originally, it was made entirely in a few hours on April fools as a delayed joke. A second chapter was added on April 1st 2021 as a continuation of the joke, with a story based on a "Guppy eating dead fish" inside joke.


In this first chapter, you can just walk around, jump three times, and shoot. You have to jump over the buildings and go through the enemies (called Bashlets and Skyniks) to reach the boss, which is a poorly drawn Gavnell with a poop gun. This chapter is very easily exploitable, and the bullets have broken physics and do not despawn. Skyniks cannot be killed, but can be pushed away by bullets.

The second chapter is very similar to the first. All the actions you do are the same, but there are three new enemies involved: Laser Heads, Flying Fish, and Fishlets. The boss is a poorly drawn Rhikost dubbed "Stinky Fish". Unlike the first chapter, the second chapter is not nearly as exploitable.


Chapter 1

The plot is described in cutscenes in the game. The game is not based on any real lore, as the story is a skewed version of Guppy returning to the wrong timeline full of things he doesn't understand and just generally broken places. Guppy is also very serious and edgy, while his in game sprites are very silly and cartoony. You must get to Gavnell and "destroy" him, ultimately freeing that timeline of evil, but Guppy is still upset and sad at the end.

Chapter 2

The cutscenes for this chapter describe Guppy discovering the dead fish dimension, which is later revealed to be just a part of his imagination. He decides to explore it further and just as he defeats the stinky fish he wakes up sleeping next to his wife Guppette.


The game has been developed over the span of just a few hours on April 1, 2019. It was made as not just a joke, but some kind of content for ME-OS as at the time, it had not had any completed games (not counting utensils and other features). The sprites and animations for Guppy and the enemies were quickly drawn and imported into the game, while the background was taken from a picture of New York in February 2019. The music was recorded live in 1 try on Octopus58's accordion, and throughout the music you can often hear his bird Max yelling and screeching to sing along. The cutscenes (made in Vegas Pro 15) took the longest to make, with live recordings of the dialogue done by Octopus58 with a lot of reverb. The game is heavily unpolished and can easily be cheated.

Later around March 30th 2021, chapter 2 started development. Due to the strenuous period it was made in (Octopus58, the only developer, had a lot of assignments that were due within a short period), it took 3 days to finish. It was released on April 1st 2021 at noon.


The music in the game is composed and recorded by Octopus58. All the songs are live arrangements of previously existing songs. Chapter 1 uses mostly accordion (only accordion), while chapter 2 is a mix of electric guitar and electronic.

Track Number Song Name Location Preview
01 Green Tides (Live Recording) Phony Hex City
02 Octopus00 Theme - Fly to Rescue (Live Recording) Outside

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  • The logo used for the game is actually the very first logo for Guppy's Quest, disregarding the 2 and the "Last straw" part. It was used on the MGFlow58 website for a while when making a page that would redirect you to the Steam Greenlight voting at the time.
  • There is an easter egg left of the spawn, which features Gontaper, Evo, Matt and IndieAnjelo under a big banner with messages from all of the characters respective creators. It was added as Octopus58 missed the reactions of those friends after uploading the build, and wanted to see their reactions for at least one more thing in the game in person. A similar easter egg with different characters was added for the second chapter.
  • The background for Phony Hex City is the view of New York at night from the Top of the Rock on February 2019, while the background for the boss is a picture of polar bears taken from the Toronto Zoo
  • All the enemies from the first chapter, while being original creations, are based on inside jokes in Octopus58's friend group
  • Chapter 2 was heavily associated not just with an inside joke but an image that is not appropriate to have in a kids game, hence it wasn't included. However, it is etched into the cave background through the level.
  • There is a second secret in chapter 2 that takes control of the game for a few seconds, and restarts the game. This process is achieved by finding Geepee.