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This page contains content on Abnohusk #1.
This Abnohusk belongs in the High Risk - Uncontainable safety category.
SP Name: GaVNeL / gvnl
Aliases: Gavno
Biographical Information
Marital Status: None
Date of Birth: 2018
Place of Birth: M.O.G.'s Mind
Place of Residence: Agony
Physical Description
Species: Husk
Gender: Male
Height: Immeasurable
Weight: Infinite
Eye Color: Black
Other Colors: Blue body

Gavnell is a Spirit that appears in SP which is the manifestation of all negative emotions brought upon M.O.G. (opposite to Nahav who represents all positive emotions). Originally, Gavnell was restricted to only Octopus99 until M.O.G. has merged with him to combat Gavnell together.

Gavnell demonstrates parasitic characteristics, attaching to its host and tormenting them to fuel itself from the hosts pain. Currently, it is unknown how to destroy him, but rather, he is able to be sealed away or imprisoned. Besides M.O.G., he takes on multiple other forms as a host in other creatures, including non SP creatures as well.


Since Gavnell is only a manifest, his properties are not concrete. The following will describe his most common appearance.


Gavnell is a large, blue entity with a spike going towards the bottom, and 5 different colored spikes coming from his sides. Gavnell's spikes each represent a separate negative emotion. Red is anger, orange is anxiety, yellow is fear, green is envy, blue is sadness. The purple black-hole like entity at the bottom of his spike is meant to represent how negative emotions can easily pull someone in and make it feel like there's no escape. He also has three big eyes with red whites and large black pupils, three mouths under each (two smiling, one frowning) which incredibly sharp teeth, and a huge set of sharp teeth surrounded by bright pink lips.


  • When Gavnell fights M.O.G, he is least susceptible to the envy form, but most susceptible to the anxiety form.
  • Since Gavnell is observed differently by everyone, he might appear completely different from creature to creature. In SP however, most creatures see him the way he is described on this page, as they have similar vision to their creator.