Hex City

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Hex City
Aliases: Main City
Located in: SP, in the middle of the eight sectors
Created By: M.O.G
Inhabitants: Vacancies available
Guardians: Octopus00
Population: Medium
Date Created: 2013

Hex City is the first major city created in SP. It is used as a landmark for orientation (especially for the SP Coordinate Standard), and houses many residents in standardized cubic houses. Hex Tower is the major landmark of this city.


Hex City was created as a means of organization, to house all the SP creatures who did not yet have homes. Although the creatures can live a nomadic life style, some preferred having a permanent residence, hence M.O.G made a small city to establish new homes.

The first building that was created for the city was Hex Tower, a 58 floored building that was created as a base of operations. 44 two story homes were built around the tower, all following the same building plan. Three small parks were built around the north half of the city, and one medium sized park was built towards the south. Lastly, eight walls were built surrounding the city, each edge creating a new sector.

Octopus00 was placed as the guardian of the city, as he is meant to also back up M.O.G if he was to disappear.


The city walls are shaped like an octagon, where from one wall to the opposing is 500 meters. Each house a cubic house, with 20 meters for height, length and width. The Hex Tower in the middle is 180 meters in length and width (with a hexagonal base), and is 580 meters tall.

City regions are divided into north, east, south and west sectors. All homes throughout the city also have a number, except for Hex Tower, and numbering starts clockwise through the regions starting at north, left to right, top to bottom.

Occupied residencies

The following home numbers are occupied: