Hex Tower

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Hex Tower
Aliases: None
Located in: Hex City
Created By: M.O.G
Guardians: Octopus00
Population: 3
Date Created: 2013

Hex Tower is the central landmark of Hex City and SP, located at (0, 0, 0) based on the SPCS. It is used as the central base of operations for all SP creatures, including multiple professional and recreational facilities.


The exterior of the tower is mostly very sturdy unbreakable glass, and fortified polished gray stone. Most floors are hexagonal, with a diameter of 180 meters. They also take up 10 meters in height each. With a few exceptions, most walls are also lined with glass windows which can be manipulated to turn opaque if required.

Floor Descriptions

Each floor in Hex Tower has a different use and purpose. Here is a full list of occupied floors:

  • Floor B2: This is Gontaper's main laboratory. It is very secure and accessible only to creatures with an SP Heart or by permission of one.
  • Floor 1: The first floor is served as an entrance room and lobby, with couches, plants and a small fountain in the middle.
  • Floor 2: This room houses the MGOS equipped computer, which can computerize several functions in SP as well as store information in databases. It is powered by a single Infinity Core, and stores data in another Infinity Core with immediate querying.
  • Floor 58: This is M.O.G's room. Half of the room is themed green, and is meant to be a bedroom section. The other half is purple, and is meant to be spa like with a big jacuzzi. The whole ceiling is glass, and so are most of the walls. Octopus15 lives here as well.


  • This tower is currently the tallest structure in all of SP, visible way beyond the city walls