Infinity Core

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Infinity Cores are very useful items found throughout SP. They are limitless energy sources producing energy in different rates.


Infinity Cores are spherical, multi colored orbs. For the most part, they fuel whatever they come into contact with infinite energy. Since there is no value to infinity, each orb provides energy at a certain rate with no end value (these can be represented with various functions such as y = x, y = x2, etc. where x is time unit and y is energy unit). Some cores are general containing pure energy, but some are specific to some kind of ability or power. As an example, there could be a igneous infinity core, providing a lot of energy in the form of fire.

These cores do not increase the permanent power of an SP creature. While other creatures can accentuate their power with these cores, SP creatures already have infinite power that can only increase in rate.


Infinity Cores are still under heavy research, but current uses are mostly to accentuate certain abilities and machines. They can also be used for temporary energy boosts to equalize the energy between two entities.


The cores can be found on the Infinity Tree, where the tree grows them as fruits. The fruits have slightly different properties from one another, excelling in different areas and abilities.


  • All the energy from an Infinity Core can be absorbed. While it is a very large amount of energy, it will not be "actual" infinity as the amount absorbed instantaneously would have a limit. The cores will require some time to regain their power
  • The cores are indestructible, meaning that they can keep coming but will never disappear or break
  • Bever uses his own cores to accentuate different forms opposed to abilities
  • Konetz used the cores for power, as it was a machine that could not power itself with anything but a soul
  • The cores can be consumed, but not digested