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Logo drawn by Rosemaryy
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Release Information
Series: SP Main
Genre: Spoof, Miscellaneous (some platformer, adventure, action included)
Modes: Single Player
Platforms: Windows, MEOS
Release Date:
  • PC Release Date: January 15 2015
  • MEOS Release Date (2.0): Q4 2019

SunnyMoon is an arcade style game featuring Sunny, Moon, Baddy, Spike, and Bolt. The objective of the game is simple, as you try to rack up the highest possible score while collecting Moons and evading the Kruta Brothers. Originally, it was released for Windows in January 2015, but later on got a remake and heavy improvements for the MEOS version.

SunnyMoon is planned to be finished by Q4 2019.


Both versions of the game use the arrow keys to control Sunny, and the objective is to collect moons.

Old Version (Windows 1.0)

This version only featured Baddy from the Kruta Brothers, and every 100 ticks, both Baddy and Sunny would get faster. Every 1000 ticks the speed would be reset. The objective was to collect as much Moons as possible before Baddy catches you, and then it's game over. The problem with this version was it was nearly impossible to avoid Baddy before 1000 ticks would initially pass.

MEOS Version (2.0)

This version additionally featured Spike and Bolt from the Kruta Brothers. Instead of running around in an empty space, there are now levels which feature obstacles that both the player and the opponent have to maneuver to keep things more fresh and progressively difficult. Every 10 levels is a boss from the Kruta Brothers.


The old version of SunnyMoon was short due to the fact that it was done for a school project using Processing. It was made in one or two days and submitted. The new version however was aimed to reuse the idea of an arcade like focused on agility and speed, but with more depth and replayability. It began development for MEOS starting July 14th 2019.



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