Royal Squared

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Royal Squared
Logo drawn by Octopus58
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Release Information
Series: SP (V2A)
Genre: Adventure, Platformer
Modes: Single Player
Platforms: Windows
Release Date: October 8th, 2016

Royal Squared (stylized as Royal²) is a small 2D platformer made for the 2016 GameBoy Jam. It is based around the main protagonist of the V2A SP sub series, Kvarol (King Square). Kvarol is in charge of getting through three areas in SP (Endless Forest, Infinity Core Caves, Zelosian Plaj) to find his brother Soverdat (Supreme Square).

The game was released on October 8th 2016, and was made using GameMaker Studio Pro for Windows. All of the work has been done by Octopus58 in about a week. The music was also composed within that time period, although the melodies were not new, and were just remixes of existing pieces. This was the first platformer to be publicly released by Octopus58.

Development of the game was short and simple, and aimed to make the game feel hard and rage inducing. Due to never making a game in GameMaker Studio Pro before, graphics on a small scale were really hard to configure, causing a lot of graphical scaling issues as well (double pixels due to decimal coordinates on a 160x144 resolution).


Royal Squared has only one playable character, Kvarol (King Square). You are able to charge, which is a very useful movement throughout the game. Charging allows you to keep moving as long as it is held, and can carry you large distances. You can also jump and walk like in a normal platformer. The obstacles in this game are simple; they consist of ceiling spikes (that fall when the player is near them), ground/wall spikes (that hurt the player when they touch them), and Rones that roll around the ground and hurt the player on collision. They can however, unlike spikes, be destroyed (with the exception of Giga Rone). When the player is hurt, he gets respawned in the beginning of the current level. The game ends when the player finds Soverdat (Supreme Square) at the end of Zelosian Plaj.


There is not much plot to this game, besides it taking place around the same time as Guppy's Quest (since Rone's appear as enemies throughout the game). Kvarol has lost his brother, Soverdat, and was set out to find him.


Royal Squared began development in early October 2016. There were no major obstacles as the aim of the game was very short and fluid. However, due to time constraints, existing creatures, music, and areas were used. The only obstacle was rendering issues on a small resolution, where decimal coordinates would cause issues to arise.


The music in the game is composed by Octopus58. All the songs are remixes of previously existing songs.

Track Number Song Name Location Preview
01 Save Rush (remix) Endless Forest
02 Blizzard Whip (remix) Infinity Core Caves
03 Tide Luminescence (remix) Zelosian Plaj

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