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  • Chetri Island
Located in:
Created By: Octopus58
Population: Placeholder
Date Created: 2016

V2A is a large island near the shores of Sunset Hill, situated in the Zelosian Ocean. Mostly known for it's peacefulness and calm nature, it is home to few creatures who prefer to live the island life. Within this island, many important sites are contained such as The Tree of Winds, and the east pillar of Squared Palace.

Physical Geography

The island is near the shore of the ocean sector, but also to the east of the Sunset Hill shore. It is mostly flat, with very slight hills and curves on the ground. While a lot of locations on the island are plains, most of the island is covered by dense deciduous forest. In the middle of the island is a landmark that holds very significant meaning to the Chetri, the The Tree of Winds.

Winds in this area are usually stronger compared on average to the rest of SP, and are usually ever so slightly warm. They are essential for the musical rocks in the plains, that generate soft metallic tone while air passes through them. They play randomized melodies throughout the day, giving the island a very calm feeling.

The trees on the island release a very subtle mint like scent, which sometimes carries off the shore to Sunset Hill. The soil of the island is infused with a lot of microscopic quartz, which gives it a more sand like color and consistency.



The creatures that live on this island are very used to a quiet, slow life. It is theorized that the island also has a special kind of energy that permanently accelerates the power of it's inhabitants, especially accelerating their power over the wind and flow of energy.

Being very close to each other as the population of the island is very small, the residents of the island like to gather at The Tree of Winds to dine and to play. Very often, creatures from the SP mainland come visit as well.


V2A is scarcely decorated with flowers, mostly ones with a pastel color.