Gon Ball Rally

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Gon Ball Rally
Logo drawn by MyCoffeeTooSpicy
Extra Credits:
Release Information
Series: SP, SD
Genre: Racing, Marble Roller
Modes: Single Player
Platforms: MEOS
Release Date: TBA

Gon Ball Rally is a marble roller game with platforming of varying difficulties. The main objective of the game is to get through the levels as fast as you can without destroying your ball.


The ball can move in any horizontal direction and has one jump.


The plot is very simple. Gontaper decided to start a race between his friends by putting different platforms and obstacles in different areas of SP, challenging the others to roll a ball through them as fast as they can.


Development of this game started slightly before MEOS was being developed in 2018. The early demo was very simple with only base mechanics. This game would later re-immerge in 2019 as a test 3D game, where a sandbox test level was set up to determine how the physics should work. It was shown off in the first MEOS trailer. In 2020 however, the mechanics and visuals of the game were heavily revamped and is now used as the main base.


The music in the game is composed by Octopus58.

Track Number Song Name Location Preview
01 Gribby Shroom Gardens
02 Blinded by the Haze Hazelands
03 Vira Vira

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  • This was originally planned to be a game released outside of MEOS, but was eventually decided to be part of MEOS to increase the overall initial game count
  • A demo of this game existed before MEOS started development
  • Originally, this game was called Gon Gon Ball, but was renamed when Octopus58 found out there was not only a character from another game with the name Gon Gon, but it was also another game featuring marble rolling, which was a very interesting coincidence