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Release Information
Series: MEOS essentials
Type: Graphics editor
Platforms: MEOS
Release Date: May 23rd 2020

LumPaint is a graphics editor program for ME-OS. It allows the creation, saving and editing of images and their manipulation with several tools such as different brushes, stamps, and more.


LumPaint was first released in ME-OS build 0.0.35 on May 23rd 2020. Undo and redo functions were not originally part of the program as it was in beta, and initially it only released with the brush tool, fill tool, line tool erase tool. Later updates introduced more tools as well as optimizations and fixes to the program.


Lum Paint as of version 0.0.57, showcasing different brush sizes and types

LumPaint boots with the option to create or open an existing image (either in local ME-OS storage or in the external host machine). Creating an image is done by selecting the resolution and then proceeding to the canvas. From there, the user can name the file, access the tools, as well as save and undo/redo.

Lum Paint has 9 tools: - Brush: A tool that will draw with your current color and opacity setting with your selected brush size and brush type (circle, square, spray, etc.). - Eraser: A tool that will erase the image with the current opacity setting, brush size, and brush type. - Eye dropper: A tool that will color pick at whatever pixel the user presses. - Line tool: A tool that draws a line after the user finishes dragging in the desired brush size. - Ellipse tool: A tool that draws an ellipse line after the user finishes dragging the mouse. - Fill tool: A tool that fills an area, based on a user set threshold, to the current color. - Replace fill tool: A tool that replaces the color you click, as well as nearby colors based on a threshold, with your current color. - Text tool: A tool that lets the user write text over the image in a specified color and font size. - Sticker tool: A tool that puts different images onto the canvas with variable size.

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  • Until February 2024, the only and default brush of LumPaint was the square brush.