Toronto 97

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Toronto 97
Logo drawn by Octopus58
Extra Credits:
Release Information
Series: SP
Genre: Bootleg, Action
Modes: Single Player
Platforms: MEOS (MEGAME 7 IN 1)
Release Date: April 1st 2020

Toronto 97 is a bootleg styled game included in MEGAME 7 IN 1 about saving the country from polluting robots. You have to shoot through a horde of them and take out as many as possible.


The game features your character, Anjelo, who has to defeat all the robots polluting Toronto. After every 25 kills, you spawn Michael, who will try charging for you while flailing his tongue. You cannot win this game, simply you can only get a higher kill score each time. There are three different backgrounds that cycle through your playthroughs, all are taken around down town Toronto.


This game was directly inspired by Hong Kong 97, with very similar elements. The story however was changed to fit a more satirical feeling, all violence was removed, and enemies became robots. Wanting to use real people without a hassle, Octopus58 used his own likeness as well as his friend as the two appearances in this game.


The music for this game is a very annoying loop of the first 8 bars of "Plot for Devastation". There are no other sounds.

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  • This game is heavily influenced by Hong Kong 97
  • All the photography taken for this game was from January 2020 in the span of one day, at a visit to the CN Tower in Toronto