Detective Dog Blubbert

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Detective Dog Blubbert
Logo drawn by Octopus58
Extra Credits:
Release Information
Series: SP
Genre: Bootleg, Action
Modes: Single Player
Platforms: MEOS (MEGAME 7 IN 1)
Release Date: April 1st 2020

Detective Dog Blubbert is a bootleg styled game included in MEGAME 7 IN 1 about finding treasure while avoiding bombs and droppings. It is heavily based on memorization and quickly picks up in difficulty.


The game consists of ten levels. In the beginning of each, you get some time to view all treasure, unmasked (more time for harder levels). Once time is up, you have to try to remember where the treasure is, while avoiding bombs and droppings. However if you miss three times, you get a game over. The further the levels go, the more treasure and obstacles you face.


This game was heavily inspired by another bootleg game called Police Dog Lasy. Unlike that game, this game features much less violent themes, and has a different lives mechanic. All that's left as a reference is a joke on the title of the game, and the memorization aspect.


The music in this game is a keygen style cover of Sailors Hornpipe.

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  • This game is the first to feature Blubbert
  • The treasures that appear in the game are red diamonds, golden rings, Octosuit helmets, shells, and Matthew Favson's heads