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The Octosuit is the main armor used in humanoid form by the Octopus Legion. It is often not required and ends up being much more stylistic for appearance or for attack styles.


Octopus58's Default Octosuit
Octopus58's Octosuit model E created and drawn by SpicyCoffee
Octopus58's Octosuit model F created and drawn by FelixBlobDev
Octopus58's Pentasuit

Members of the legion are mostly seen wearing the default variation. However M.O.G. and some others created some other designs for suit variations.


The default Octosuit is usually made of Emereldium, Turqoisonite and a special strong glass for the visor. The suit is tight but a bit spacious around the limbs and waist at the same time, and each arm end has space for two attachments. These attachments can vary from guns, swords, laser emitters, and more or just gloves for hands. They are all controlled with the thoughts of the equipper. While this suit has no shoes, there are fire thrusters at the bottom that help with flight. On the helmet there is a visor made of unbreakable glass, and it's usually tinted to a certain color, and works somewhat like a one way mirror. The top of the helmet also has two darker stripes on top, and the back sometimes has a letter in the darker color as well.

On the stomach and chest area there is a Turqoisonite frame bounding a black void, which has magical properties that allow it to be infinite on the inside from one direction. It is sometimes used for storage, but is rarely accessed. This is also the first iteration of the Octosuit and likely the most common one.


The Octosuit-E model was created by his wife, Octopus15. It is highly detailed with much more colors and accents, with much more armor plating too. This suit also has shoes that still retain fire thrusting properties.


The Octosuit-F model was made by Felix. This model usually has slightly desaturated hues for the main color. The frame is smaller and closer towards the lower stomach, and the limbs have more moving pieces. The visor shape is also slightly different, and the void has a slightly white tinted glass cover.


The Pentasuit is an "overkill" type suit used for fighting hordes of opponents at once. Unlike the default suit, the helmet has a asterisk like star expansion on the front and is recolored to the frame color. The frame is also absent on this model of the suit, and instead the chest has two beam emitters and two gun barrels.

While using this suit model, it is common to go into disaster form, as that way tentacles can come out from the back to be used as extra limbs.