Octopus Legion

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Octopus Legion
Founded: 2013
Leader: Octopus58

The Octopus Legion is a group of creatures with the Octopus title. All of them have actual names beyond just Octopus, however, due to the nature of the group, most of them are named Michael as the legion is composed largely of clones. The task force was created by Octopus58 in mid 2013 with the goal of having multiple protective creatures that watch over SP and keep it at peace.

Although most legion members are clones, they all have different preferences including attack and magic styles. There has been no successful attempt at fully reproducing a completely identical clone outside of the outer appearance.


Before the legion was formed, Octopus58 was the only person with the title of "Octopus". This mostly referred to the favorable transformation of the Octopus Form, despite not being associated with being an Octopus himself. However, after the battle with Carbon Spandoc, Octopus58 created the first non-human born clone of himself using the Carbon's essence, Octopus00. This Octopus is currently considered to be the strongest creature in all of SP due to the fusion between a life form and an explainable source of energy.

While Octopus58 is the leader, ever member of the legion is their own independent person. His main role is just to attempt to organize everyone or give everyone certain maintenance roles.


Throughout the development of the legion, some members are not clones and do not resemble Octopus58 whatsoever, and some are vastly different from the cloning process. The exceptions are as follows:

  • Octopus00: Otherwise known as "Guardian", he is the strongest member of the legion. He helps maintain and watch over SP instead of Octopus58 when he is unavailable.
  • Octopus03: The Sun Octopus (also known as Razor Sun) is a once malicious Octopus who is a living effigy of a sun. He almost always is seen in his Octopus form, and prefers to stay large high up in the sky.
  • Octopus06: This Octopus is the creator of SP in a "flip side" dimension, although his SP was out of phase with the universe and is (at the moment) non-renderable in most places. He lives in Octopus58's side of SP with his own set of Seven Servers (Comex, Gemagren, Haleaf, Gagma, etc.).
  • Octopus07: This Octopus has never created SP, but is from the Inevitable Universe. After defeating the Pupeteer, he redeemed his powers, and joined the main SP universe as a member of the Legion.
  • Octopus08: This is the Blood Octopus, from Universe 08. Like Octopus07, he is not a clone, but just a human closely resembling Octopus58. However, even in his human form (before he knew and redeemed his SP powers) he was already able to use blood magic, where he can extract the blood from within himself and use it to defend or attack, and do many more things.
  • Octopus10 and Octopus11: Both these members emerged in a half human, half octopus form. Despite being able to morph into any form regardless, including the default human form, they both coined this new morphed form and enjoy using it frequently. In addition, Octopus11 was somehow cloned into a woman that only slightly resembles Octopus58 in terms of facial features and some personality aspects.
  • Octopus12: The Moon Octopus, similarly to the Sun Octopus, was also once malicious. He is also mostly seen in his Octopus form, and acts as a moon orbiting SP.
  • Octopus15: This is Octopus58's wife, granted Octopus status long before they got married on Earth. She is an Earth born human with both SP abilities and in addition, SD abilities and involvement.
  • Octopus33: More commonly referred to as Ani, this member was originally sent by Unknown Entity and meant to mirror his opponents moves.
  • Octopus44: This is Octopus58's brother, commonly referred to as SPGuard or FireMan. He was the second person to ever gain Octopus status, although he is almost never referred to as Octopus44 and rather SPGuard.
  • Octopus85: Commonly referred to as Opoctus, he was Unknown Entity's final plan for SP domination. However he is now one of the most important guardians of SP overall.
  • Octopus99: This is one of the only members that is intertwined with Octopus58. He was the last living thing to exit the Unknown Entity before it collapsed.