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SP Name: HaLyF / hlf
Aliases: -
Relatives: none
Biographical Information
Marital Status: Hakerah
Date of Birth: 2016
Place of Birth: Spawn
Place of Residence: Acidic Icecap
Physical Description
Species: Tuktuk
Gender: Male
Height: 90 cm
Weight: Medium
Eye Color: White and black
Other Colors: Brown body with green leaves

Haleaf is one of the Cotton Servers of SP. He is small, floaty and looks like he's made of wood.

He lives with his wife Hakerah in the Acidic Icecap area, in one of the ice caves. Haleaf is very gentle and is always very happy, but his demeanor changes when he tries to ward off enemies or opponents. He achieves this by looking straight with a huge smile and not breaking eye contact. He is mostly seen swimming in ice cold waters or building snowmen with his wife.



Haleaf is small and warm, with a wooden tree like appearance. He has no legs, but he has two arms and a head spike with leaves growing out like a branch. At his bottom he also has a stubbier spike. Even though he does not have a nose or ears, he can still hear and smell with psychic abilities. Like any other creature in SP, his heart makes him immortal and he can also morph into anything he wants, however the default shape is the one he is seen in most of the time.


Like any creature in SP, Haleaf has the option to use any ability or power. However as a preference, he likes using leaves and nature in his attacks.

Some notable attacks are:

  • Leaf laps: Haleaf stars spinning in a circle while throwing razor sharp leaves at fast speeds from his body
  • Leafynado: Haleaf spins so quickly around himself that he casts a tornado towards the opponent with leaves inside.
  • Brown Blue and Green: Haleaf charges a triple laser out of his mouth that consists of dirt, water and leaves and hurls it towards the enemy


  • Super: wooden body gets a red hue, all abilities buffed
  • Super 2: body gets a darker hue, pupils turn red and leaves turn white, abilities buffed even further
  • Super 3: leaves catch fire with even further buffed abilities



  • Haleaf's favorite food is pinecones