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  • Field
Located in:
Created By: Octopus58


Population: None
Date Created: 2005

The spawn is the first area created in SP. It's a big field with a few paths but almost no trees or buildings. This is also the birth place of many SP creatures throughout the years, and a safe location to retreat to. There is also a hospital that was mostly used in the earlier days of SP when the creatures were more prone to damage from fights.

Physical Geography

The land of Spawn is very flat. It is easy to see Hex City to the west and the surrounding landscapes from any point, especially if the observer climbs on top of the hospital. Hills start appearing towards the east, but that is already where spawn ends and places such as the falls begin. Unlike some areas in SP, Spawn is limited by bounds from all directions, making it non-infinite in the lateral dimensions.



No creatures currently live in Spawn.


The only plant in Spawn is grass, which spans the fields.


  • The simplicity of the plains is due to two factors. Firstly it was created by M.O.G. when he was five years old, when he didn't pay too much attention to detail. The second reason is it's an easy spot to visualize when he wants to go to SP quickly.