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Aliases: Opoctus, Leahcim, Opoctal Opoctus
Relatives: None
Biographical Information
Marital Status: Single
Date of Birth: 2014
Place of Birth: Unknown Entity
Place of Residence: Outskirts of Hex City (nomadic)
Physical Description
Species: Special Person
Gender: Male
Height: 200 cm
Weight: Medium
Eye Color: Brown
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Octopus85 is a protector of SP, although being an ex antagonist. He's tall, has tan skin, and brown hair. He was responsible for starting the Opoctal Invasion.

He has no permanent address, rather he prefers to sleep during the day all around the land, and watch over SP at night. As he was once sent to SP to kill Octopus58, he feels it is his duty to protect the land he was once sent to conquer.

Octopus85 can seem very cold and calculating, and at times snarky. However he may not show it, but he's very caring and comforting to all the creatures of SP.



Octopus85 by default has a regular Human body. However, instead of having a regular heart, he has an SP Heart. This is what allows him to create, have power, and be immortal. Unlike his counterpart, his heart is fully functional allowing him to be fully present in and outside of SP.

While he does have an Octopus form, he prefers his human form at most times. He can however choose to either turn into his Octopus form, or suit up into his Octosuit. His Octosuit is made out of purple Emereldium, and has a orange Turqoisonite frame. His visor is made out of light blue one way glass. His most commonly used attachment for his left hand is a laser emitter, and a four barrel machine gun for his right.


Like any creature in SP, Octopus85 has the option to use any ability or power. However, as a preference, he likes engaging in physical combat and Pure Energy. When fighting, he will swiftly use punches, kicks, holds and throws against an opponent, sometimes finishing off with immense energy attacks.

Connection to Cloud

Octopus85 was born inside the Unknown Entity. Because of the immense amount of negative energy used to manifest him, he had an explicit desire to kill M.O.G. (although it wasn't very possible). However instead of directly attacking, he was responsible for creating Corren as well as starting the Corruption Crisis which was used as a great distraction for him to manifest his own plans.


Octopus85 has many different forms that each have a specific role to execute a certain action.

  • Super: Hair turns purple and eyes turn red, skin turns darker (while human). Skin turns violet (while Octopus).
  • Super 2: Hair turns purple and eyes turn light blue, skin remains the same (while human). Skin turns light red (while Octopus).
  • Super 3: Body starts glowing, Octopus85 becomes intangible and gets slightly larger muscles
  • Super Pure: Octopus85 turns into a small instance of light purple colored shining light about half a meter in diameter. Collision with this very bright ball causes massive damage, nearly infinite. This form is rarely ever used in general, as it was first used by other creatures to fight off Octopus85; so he doesn't have much need to use it himself.
  • Corrupt: Octopus85's corrupted form is the same for all forms (Human/Octopus). His head becomes his Octopus form, except with two stretched black and red eyes vertically aligned. The tentacles have spikes, and cover the shoulders of his body which is buffed and has eight tentacles coming out the back. His legs have spikes on the bottom. He has no Corruption Shard due to him naturally having corruption in him.
  • Giant (Opoctal Opoctus): While retaining the eyes from the Octopus form, Octopus85 grows the size of a large galaxy with massive fleshy tentacles coming out his back
  • Human: Default form. Tan skin, brown hair, tall, skinny.

Costumes and Personas

Octopus85 occasionally will take on different roles and personas through special appearances.

  • Orange Cape: An allusion to Octopus58's blue cape form, Octopus85 is seen in human form, but his face is not visible and is covered by a white cowboy hat covered in black cow spots. He wears an orange cape covering his shoulders and body, usually hiding his arms in there. He wears black boots as well. He acts mysterious or suspicious while wearing this attire, which is why he uses it for investigations or travelling to areas that might seem hostile. Unlike Octopus58 he has no weapon to draw, rather he uses his palms as sources for projectiles and fights with his fists.



  • Octopus85 can take long periods of time sitting in the White Throne Room if he needs some time with his thoughts alone. Most of those thoughts are ideas or boredom related.
  • Octopus85's favorite meal is spicy pasta, while his favorite food is almonds.
  • Octopus85 is somewhat lonely, but it doesn't make him sad. He likes to be alone sometimes and doesn't require a lot of interaction.
  • Octopus58 and Octopus85 often tag team for small adventures.
  • Sparring is one of Octopus85's favorite activities, as he loves fighting for fun.