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This page contains spoilers on Guppy's Quest, ME-OS revealing the following details: considerable amount of the plot, and information on antagonists
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All of SP takes place in real time. For the purpose of this wiki, all times have been made in earth time, using the roman calendar.



Gontaper was created in September 2005. Exact date and time were not recorded. He was created to be a friend to Octopus58 and he mostly ran along with him, or talked to him while he was on Earth.

Machine War

The machine war was the first great battle for Gontaper. Possibly the first creation from Cloud, robotic creatures were sent down to Earth to attack Gontaper by night, attempting to destroy him. At the time the purpose was unknown, but he used this opportunity to learn more about his power, and adapt to fighting off his enemies. The robots were lifeless, and broke down after defeat, so this war was not very long at all. The ending of this war is one of the things that triggered the idea to create SP.


Blue Shell

Blue Shell was the first malicious creature to enter the planet of SP. At the time, the lands were barren and mostly plain fields; SP was still developing it's physical form. When Blue Shell entered orbit, he started wreaking havoc and ended up badly defeating M.O.G. multiple times. Gontaper would try to stop the creature, but many times this ended in a draw. The war was long, but it started coming near an end when Blue Shell was finally knocked out. However, at this time Blue Shell's evil spirit broke free from the possessed creature and fled from the scene. When Blue Shell came to himself, he helped Gontaper and M.O.G. fight the spirit and completely vanquish it from the world.


Guppy was created some time around 2007, as a second friend for M.O.G. to play with. Shortly after Guppy, more and more SP creatures would be created over time.


Sun Octopus (Razor Sun)

Sun Octopus (otherwise known as Razor Sun) was the next greatest opposition to SP. The SP creatures by this time have trained long and hard, and they were able to be stronger and have better demonstration of their power. However, Sun Octopus was huge in comparison to them, and the creatures were not able to grow themselves yet to match his height. He would try to burn the lands of SP and cast them in lava, while harming the already small population of the land. However, the creatures were able to ward him off into the desert, where the land was dry. In retaliation, he built a large dome (in what is now Cacti Desert, where the Time Hole currently stands) made of glass, surrounded by thick lava.

At the time, the creatures of SP were not as resilient and strong as they are currently. They could not get through the lava as easily, and trained with each other to build up their strength and endurance. They were able to penetrate the dome, and the molten lava started filling up the desert. The sky turned completely red that day from the fury of the Sun Octopus, as he started channeling out all his energy. M.O.G., after practicing using his Octopus form and water magic, had a long battle with him until he finally managed to put an end to his rampage. Sun Octopus was unconscious, but the dome he has built started to implode. He was quickly dragged out from the explosion site that created the Time Hole, and his SP Heart was purified. He would later become part of the Octopus Legion formed in 2013.


Corruption Crisis

In early 2013, seven Corruption Clusters fell through SP orbit. The Seven Servers saw these clusters as a threat and went to investigate by splitting into pairs, unknowing of their effects and that they are spawning corrupted creatures around the land. Upon approaching the clusters, the SP creatures would turn into a corrupted form unexpectedly. Their partner would help them calm down from the state and learn how to harness their new form, expelling the evil energy brought upon by the clusters. Eventually, everyone in the Seven Servers learnt how to control this new ability, and destroyed the clusters scattered through the world. However, this only caused Corren to reveal himself and attempt to wreak havoc upon SP.

It was revealed that along with the clusters, Corren dropped through the orbit of SP and was using them in attempt to fully corrupt the land. He failed however, and started to fight the Seven Servers, only to flee into seemingly thin air upon defeat. It was discovered that he was just regaining strength for each fight while withdrawing into the Mirror Dimension, which was inaccessible to the other creatures. When the servers found a way to get into the dimension at last, one final battle with Corren was fought before he was defeated and purified. While still in the Mirror Dimension, Corren told them that he remembers something from Cloud about being a decoy for someone else who is more powerful and needs more time to execute his plan. Upon exiting the dimension, the beginning of the Opoctal Invasion was witnessed as Opoctus descended to SP with the P.O.D.S.


In mid 2013, a non living, replicating entity was created by the then corrupted Plantavians. They used a corrupted meteorite to make the entity after it breached SP. The crash itself was not witnessed or heard of, until the entity revealed itself to SP assuming the form of Octopus58 with half metallic properties (Metalife). Octopus58 and Spguard fought with the entity for about an hour far off in the Galubian Snowlands. Being torn up, the enemy "evolved" by buffing itself and using its remaining artificial flesh to assume the form of Spguard (Metabro). The battle was a little lengthier, as the metal seemingly improved and adapted to the fight taking place. However, the two brothers successfully drove the entity to another breaking point where it assumed a final phase of the two fused together, with only half a face, and the rest of the body being metal. It grew two tentacles out of its back with claws at the end, and another pair of arms (Metaspandoc).

As much as this battle was tough, since the body was constantly evolving, the two brothers kept fighting the entity off and pushing it towards the crater of the Krystalik, which crystallizes all non-living material in its crater. Pushing the entity down the crater would have seemingly stopped its function as it would have frozen and hardened to the point of immobility, but instead, it came out a few moments later as what Octopus58 nicknamed Carbon. Carbon was the last transformation of the entity, unplanned as pushing it into the crater gave it a strong advantage of having sharp, strong crystals all over its body. Fighting off Carbon proved to be difficult, but eventually the two hit it up so bad that the crystal broke the body apart, terminating all function of the entity and preventing further risks. As the entity was destroyed, an essence of unknown composure was released and then later caught by Octopus58 to examine.

The essence was looked over by the Seven Servers, and Gontaper concluded that it was somewhat of an intangible eternal engine that only grows stronger and more efficient with time. To keep it safe, Octopus58 cast this energy into a clone he made of himself, Guardian, which with the combination of the Carbon essence made a much more powerful, stronger clone. Guardian was also the solution to monitoring SP while Octopus58 was away and busy on Earth, as he just assumes his position while he is away to watch over SP and eliminate all potential risks.


Opoctal Invasion

After the defeat of Corren, multiple P.O.D.s fell through SP orbit and strategically took position over the land. Along with them came Opoctus, who hid himself in an unknown location. M.O.G. and the Seven Servers had to fight through various P.O.D. creatures in attempt to purify them, but these battles took a long and hard time due to the strength of these creatures. After the defeat and purification of multiple P.O.D. creatures, glass pipes started emerging in the spawn sector of SP leading to Opoctus's hideout. This hideout was seemingly in another dimension, fully white, covered in crystals that had a somewhat bloody appearance. Upon attempting to talk down and fight him, Opoctus effortlessly pierced M.O.G. which made him stop functioning for several days.

The Seven Servers took notice of Opoctus's power, and waited for M.O.G. to recover to scheme further. However, no easy solution to defeating him was found. Instead, all of the creatures of SP went down to the hideout again and circled Opoctus, which triggered a long and viscous battle. The white surrounding of the dimension suddenly turned into a pit surrounded by a flesh like material, and the heat was immense. Some creatures triggered their Corrupted Form to fight with more power, while others would try to use their Super Form. With each attack, it only seemed like Opoctus grew stronger, and even started growing in size until he was the size of a small planet. The creatures then realized that even if they grew to match his height, it would do no difference. M.O.G. got injured once again as well by being sliced in half, but not to a deactivated state. As a final resort, all the living creatures inhabiting SP decided to ascend their power even further, unlocking their true potential in Super Pure Form. They started piercing Opoctus's corrupt SP Heart, breaking the corruption and purifying it slowly but steadily. As a final blow, all the creatures merged into one huge ball of energy, and with all their life force focused as one they through themselves through the heart one last time creating a purifying explosion. Opoctus now being purified, came to his senses about SP and his true origins, but decided to be alone for a while as he had a large identity complex.

Legion assembly

After Opoctus was defeated and purified, he was yet another clone of Octopus58 that could help with the protection of SP. That's when Octopus58 decided to make an initiative to assemble all current and future creatures with the Octopus rank into a group called the Octopus Legion, which would be spread all over SP to watch over and alert each other of potential danger. Every single member of the legion got a number, where Octopus58 kept 58, Spguard got 44, Guardian got 00, Razor Sun got 03, and Opoctus got 85. Shortly after the creation of the legion, Octopus01, Octopus02, Octopus04, Octopus05, and Octopus06 were created. Many more joined the legion after that.


Kosmotvar Crisis

Around the middle of 2017, a problem on Earth resulted in a large burst of negative energy that manifested into the entity known as Kosmotvar. He was fueled by pure hatred and envy, and would attempt to cause chaos upon SP in an attempt to consume everything around himself. When the SP creatures first noticed him, the Seven Servers attacked and Kosmotvar quickly fled. Realizing that he cannot attain his goal as easily, he decided to split himself into seven instances to trick the SP creatures while fueling himself with more energy. He turned into Chronotvar II, while creating 6 more instances of himself, one being Chronotvar I in an alternate "past" timeline. M.O.G. saw that Kosmotvar re-appeared in space and went to fight him, but noticed that he is much more powerful and resisting a lot of attacks.

After defeating him, he noticed that Kosmotvar dropped a round core with no malicious readings or signs. He took it to the Hex City lab, where Gontaper and the rest of the Seven Servers attempted to make use of it. A few days later, Kosmotvar came out of seemingly thin air with a virus like ability to attack on the inside of SP. With every time a new instance was fought, it became stronger. The virus instance was defeated, and some time later another instance was defeated in the hotels in Krasnodom, and one was defeated in M.O.G.'s dreams. The last non-chrono instance was the cage instance, found let loose in Loturm prison orbiting SP.

Even though these five instances were defeated, the last instance of Kosmotvar could not be found anywhere in or near SP. He was found however, but on Earth as a projection near a pond. This was Chronotvar II, somewhat desperate to flee in an attempt to find more power. M.O.G. tried to fight him, but he wasn't able to do any sustainable damage. This is when back in the lab, Gontaper and Guppy have discovered that there is still another instance in an alternate timeline Kosmotvar created. This timeline was shifted very slightly to the past, where order was broken and all of SP was corrupted in time. The instance in this past timeline was fueling the one in the present with the energy of all the SP creatures. Guppy made the choice to go to this timeline through the Time Hole in the desert, while Gontaper came to Earth to help in the fight against Chronotvar II.

Guppy had to face several creatures, some of which have not existed yet, some who have been purified in the past, or some that weren't evil at all but made corrupted in this timeline. Once they were defeated, they were sent to the right time in the right place, back to their regular selves. When Guppy got to Chronotvar I, that instance no longer had all the time misplaced creatures to absorb the energy from. He was weakened, but still strong. Despite all that, he was still defeated, removing the link from Chronotvar II. After this happened, Gontaper was able to help M.O.G. defeat Chronotvar II once and for all.

Chronotvar Epilogoue

Despite the defeat of Kosmotvar, there were several permanent changes. The Cloud has been drained, leaving it with little to no power. The network inside has seemingly stopped functioning despite (at the time) the fact that there were still some life readings in there. Since Kosmotvar hijacked the cloud, ideas and creativity were sapped to spread adversaries all over the future, forever. However these creatures will most likely be able to be purified as anything the cloud creates contains a corrupt SP Heart.

Eventually, Gontaper figured out in the lab how to turn the cores into eggs, with M.O.G.'s creational help and the fused power of all SP creatures. Not all at once, but after some time, the eggs started to hatch giving SP the Seven Chronos. They now are the guardians of time in SP.


Sleepy Bridge established

Due to the strong bond between M.O.G. and E15, a whole dimension was formed from the manifestation of the bond. The new dimension had a long winding bridge between the SP world and the SD universe. It remains as a symbolic passage.

Birth of Gavnell

After Kosmotvar drained the Cloud, it was left almost lifeless. However, M.O.G. decided to investigate, as the cloud seemingly opened up its barriers to him. Out came angry Octopus99, who was seemingly bound to the center of the cloud by chains. It turns out that M.O.G. constantly separating his presence in SP to only have his positive emotions and cast away the negatives, the negatives first manifested into the Unknown Entity, which later developed it's own mind and body that became Octopus99. While M.O.G. constantly acted out of positive intention, Octopus99 acted out negatively in turn. M.O.G. decided to reunite himself with Octopus99 to free him from his torment, which in turn does three things. It frees Octopus99 from the cloud and he finally becomes truly independent, but Gavnell and Nahav were released as two entities. Nahav represented all the good emotion, while Gavnell became the representative of all that is negative. Since he is not physical, he could not be defeated or stopped. He just disappeared into deep space, to grow and plot his next moves.

Between 2018 and 2023

Through the previous years since the birth of Gavnell, a strange creature with no appearance has been attempting to terrorize M.O.G. in real life (mostly appearing around the year 2020). The only thing that was established is that this creature was alone (at the time) and also had strange reality bending powers as well as Portal Magic (which was used to attack and evade M.O.G. around the same time). This creature (Put'bi) later revealed himself in late summer of 2022 after gaining physical form, and had assembled the Seven Punishments in October of 2022. After briefly revealing themselves, an impenetrable volcano like island (later named Unreal Crater) has appeared south of Hex City in the Zelosian Ocean, and the Guo Gang as well as several SP creatures went to protect the surroundings. This was the beginning of "The Ultimate Punishment".


The Ultimate Punishment

The Ultimate Punishment is a long and complicated event that happened in 2023. Read more about it here.