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This page contains spoilers on General SP Lore revealing the following details: Contains major plot details that are used towards the end of most planned games.
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Unknown Entity
Aliases: Cloud
Located in: In the same universe as Earth, near SP
Created By: M.O.G. (indirectly)
Inhabitants: None
Guardians: None
Population: 0
Date Created: 2005

The Unknown Entity is a nameless phenomena that existed between 2005-2017. The structure of this entity was very similar to a neurological system, with electrical pulses pulsing throughout its mass. It was the birthplace of Blue Shell, Sun Octopus, Moon Octopus, Corren, Ani, Opoctus, and Octopus99.


The unknown entity was created not instantaneously, but gradually over time. Similarly to SP, it also started from some small space and eventually accumulated more space and mass, however unlike SP its area was considerably smaller and finite. The basis of the cloud was initially created around the same time as SP. This is due to the fact that when M.O.G. created SP, he distanced his negativity from the ideal "perfect" place for himself. That negativity was still a part of him and his person, but it was not allowed to enter SP. It slowly started manifesting slightly outside the border, and the more real life negativity he experienced the more the cloud grew.

The cloud quickly grew in power, and started causing considerable trouble. Because of the unnatural personality separation, M.O.G.'s two sides were trying to somehow tether through the SP border, making the cloud generate tainted, negative SP creatures that would be able to enter due to having an SP Heart. The tougher the problems he was facing back on Earth, the tougher the tainted creatures were and in more numbers they came.

This went well into almost 12 years, until the summer of 2017. At that point, the cloud was at its worst stage as it was full of torment. Inside, Octopus99 has already manifested as an independent creature but was chained to the core. Around the same time Chronotvar managed to overpower the unknown entity with a higher level of raw negative energy, and spread a bunch of creatures that could've been and could be across time, potentially forever generating an array of tainted creatures to be encountered.

Although too late to stop Chronotvar's manipulation of the unknown entity, M.O.G. finally freed the cloud by merging with Octopus99, essentially powering down the cloud and rendering it useless. Now, the remains are in the same place the cloud always was, most likely powered down forever.


It was impossible for non cloud-born residents to enter the further regions of the structure, but there were some accessible entrances that allowed to only enter the "outer shell". While nothing is directly heating the cloud, it used to be bursting hot just from the amount of energy being exerted from within.

Physical Geography

Although the entity looks like a cloud, it is actually pretty solid. The structure of the whole entity is also someway resembling some kind of brain or nervous system, with the fibers of the cloud allowing for nearly instant transmission of signals. The dimensions of the cloud is about 900 meters long, 500 meters wide, 100 meters tall



While no one currently lives in the Unknown Entity, it was the birthplace of many tainted creatures that eventually became purified.