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Origin: Earth
Rarity: Extremely Common
Created By: -

Humans are a species that originated from Earth. They have four limbs, two arms and two legs. They walk using their legs only, and hold or interact with things mostly using their hands. Humans have blood which runs through all their body and gets pumped by their heart. They require food, water and air to function.

Humans are very creative, imaginative creatures that are able to apply their ideas to many real world applications and uses.

Connection to SP

Being half Human, M.O.G. has created SP. Some humans have access to SP as well, and most of the times, obtain some kind of special ability to be able to transfer there at will. Humans that have an SP Heart assigned to them are considered Special People.

Special People

Special people are humans who have an SP Heart. Having an SP Heart grants the human immortality and SP powers and abilities. However, there is no discovered way yet that allows a half human to travel to SP while fully leaving Earth, an instance remains at Earth simultaneously at every departure to SP. A list of Special People include: